Deal: Motorola Edge drops to just $399.99 unlocked

07 November 2020
Its normal price is $699.99, so this is a huge drop, making it much more appealing.

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  • Ram

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2020I thought of buying this smartphone recently. Since all the... moreExcelent

  • Anonymous

I thought of buying this smartphone recently. Since all the news on the internet was till the month of September, I thought that Motorola have solved the issue on the production level(if still in production). But I guess there is no point in taking the risk. The phone did look amazing on paper though!

  • Anonymous

The reason why it dropped in price because of all the problems that came with it. I bought it coz I wanted to support Motorola but had to return it after a week because of screen issues. It's not minor either. The green tint seems to be a hardware problem. The front screen also feels really thin. I suspect it could be why they are having problems with it.

  • M1999

OliverOmondi, 07 Nov 2020You all got it wrong..if u need a good phone, with unique i... moreI wanted to buy LG, but in the Netherlands they aren't really available and the price drops are not the same as two years ago :(. But using the G7 atm, but switching to Samsung. My mom has a motorola, hated it and wanted LG or Samsung because of the software and build quality. Her G6 isn't even able to send or receive messages and she only used it for a year 😅. I know people with motorola's experience stuff like not being able to call, breaking after a drop on a soft surface, broken microphones without any reason etc. But one of my friend's is using his G3 for 5 years now, I think you got lucky. I really hope the newer models have better build quality, i think they offer much for the asking price and software is very clean. Updates have to be better though

  • Anonymous

zombiegod82, 08 Nov 2020this phone is 100 percent trash yes its great when it works... moreSure....sure.

  • Engineer

No need discount, just make sure update as good as old days, who after this brand looking for premium built, service and innovation not price concern

  • sq2013

It's not dropped in price by 200 for no reason. It's just not selling and it's likely that the screen issues described here are a major factor in that. Also though, I don't really see how any manufacturer can justify selling a phone equipped with a snapdragon 765g for 700 USD. This is ultimately an upper midrange chipset but it's been shown to be inferior in performance to the dimensity chipsets like the 820U, 800 and 1000. There are phones equipped with these chipsets for half the price of the motorola edge. It's just not going to sell. Most buyers do their research and can see a rip-off.

  • zombiegod82

this phone is 100 percent trash yes its great when it works I mean I would take it over the note but after an few days the screen goes out I went through 3 from best buy and 2 replacements from Motorola in just 5 weeks please read reviews from best buy to understand, In the end I wanted my money. Back so I had to fill with the bank crap phone

  • Brazilian user

Anonymous, 07 Nov 20206 NOVEMBER 2020 SCREEN ISSUE EDGE SERIES IN lenovo forum ... moreGet a refund. I'm already on my third panel (two were replaced under warranty), and Lenovo simply deactivated the 90Hz setting via an update to avoid more problems. The phone is now a janky, stuttering mess.
Will try and get a refund.

  • Brazilian user

xcv, 07 Nov 2020Fake news. Motorola is better than ever last two years - re... moreNot fake at all. I'm already on my third display. Two had catastrophic failure and had to replaced under warranty. Now they've locked the display refresh at about 40Hz to avoid more failures (done with an OTA update which affected all Edge phones). It is now horrible to use. Will be having to deal with Motorola customer service once again.
Avoid these phones like the pox.

  • Brazilian user

Motorola really dropped the ball on the Edge phones. They tried curved screens, and failed. They are having a lot of problems with their hardware, and there is no solution in sight.
I have a Motorola Edge, and I'm already in my third screen (two were replaced in warranty). Apparently, they can't be used for long at 90Hz before incurring catastrophic failure.
Motorola's solution was to block the screen frequency adjustment in their latest update. On simply cannot alter the screen refresh.
I confirmed this by going into the official Lenovo forum and hearing from Lenovo's admins.
They said the phone was locked at 90 Hz, but a quick visit to showed the awful truth: it's panel is now a sub-60 Hz one, with refresh rates of 40Hz, give or take. When in use, rolling pages causes a horrible stutter, with a janky movement reminiscent of cheap, entry-level Android phones of 2014.
The 90 Hz refresh was one of the main features of this phone, and now it has become simply pointless. Will be taking it back to Motorola, and if they can't solve the problem, will simply go for a refund.
I strongly recommend people avoid these phones, and not experiencing the problems I'm having to deal with.

  • Anonymous

Not worth it.

  • Anonymous

With one update to its name i think thats a little rich to ask anything beyond 200 for this device

You all got it wrong..if u need a good phone, with unique interface and OS modification, go LG!!Other brands are very similar in UI u dont even need to pick among them.

Lenovo dont know how to make good smartphone,although they do well in making laptop.
Even in China the smartphone market share of lenovo drop to nearly 0%
Former Vice President of Lenovo Group,Chang Cheng,who take controll of mobile phone and software department since 2011,already leave Lenovo and join Xiaomi at the begining of 2020

  • Anonymous

WHO AM I, 07 Nov 2020Lenovo massacred Motorola. Stay away from below smart p... moreApple Samsung OnePlus Xiaomi are the best. Stay away from others.

WHO AM I, 07 Nov 2020Lenovo massacred Motorola. Stay away from below smart p... moreFake news. Motorola is better than ever last two years - record sales (they are in top 10 constantly), and they are finally profitable.

Stay away from Edge as is too much problematic phone i.e. widespread OLED display issues.

I was about to buy this phone when I found out it's getting one OS update - ??? Crazy and so disappointing

  • fav55

stupid chipset, why they though use it?