Reborn Nokia N95 shown on video

09 November 2020
A non-functioning prototype of what could have been.

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  • Anonymous
  • 03v
  • 16 Nov 2020

I had a lots of Nokias in the 2000´s, the only one I consider a good phone was the 6210.

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    • Hero
    • Pxt
    • 11 Nov 2020

    Just saying, I'm saving money for Nokia comeback.

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      • tuzo
      • asf
      • 11 Nov 2020

      i had one, great phone.
      bought it for 800 $ in 2007

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        • Niaz
        • MeZ
        • 11 Nov 2020

        The best phone ever

          YUKI93, 10 Nov 2020There is actually a reborn E7, but not from HMD Nokia. It&#... morea reborn nokia phone not from nokia (brand) is not consider a true reborn, moreover from unknown brand they just a look alike

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            • Smartboy
            • mEA
            • 10 Nov 2020

            I remembered that I won the Nokia 6750 phone at connect magazine about 20 years ago.. I was at the height of my happiness maybe even more than that I can't even express how I felt when I won that phone..

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              • O S
              • r3H
              • 10 Nov 2020

              Shubham Desiboy, 09 Nov 2020This doesn't look practical. What would be better is t... moreYou mean a modern N95 running KaiOS

                N95 was iconic but the build quality and battery life was pretty horrific

                  If that was full screen with decent chipset id have been begging them to take my money.

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                    • Arman
                    • nUv
                    • 10 Nov 2020

                    N8 and n91 are my favorits. N8 had a hdmi mini output, fm transmitter and a app store. N91 had a 8gb stirage and impressive music equipment

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                      • yourslovingly
                      • UGj
                      • 10 Nov 2020

                      Need N8 reborn with this 2GB ram and 720G chipset. Same camera. And lumia 1520 with android.

                        They release all tons of rubbish in the market. But this gem, no, let's not produce this amazing device, let's continue with the same and the same.

                          OSasmatteroffact, 09 Nov 2020I'd like to see an E7 reborn, with proper price of cou... moreThere is actually a reborn E7, but not from HMD Nokia. It's from F(x)tec and it's called Pro1.

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                            • gurimul
                            • w4$
                            • 10 Nov 2020

                            I wish nokia would re-incarnate the N900.

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                              • Ricky
                              • sxs
                              • 10 Nov 2020

                              Very interesting phone concept, someday i'll buy it.

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                                • Poor Nokia
                                • 3Zy
                                • 10 Nov 2020

                                Whoever blocked this wonder wanted to see the brand fall and should have instantly been fired.

                                  I'd like to see an E7 reborn, with proper price of course, currently they sell a nonsense phone with ridiculous price

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                                    • AnonD-909757
                                    • pZQ
                                    • 09 Nov 2020

                                    Me gusta !

                                    And what we see with this N95 reborn concept make me even more firmly believe that, exactly like I said, a phone with no dedicated front facing camera is possible.
                                    The phone is the closest of what I was talking about when mentioning a mechanism that would unfold from the back and have two mirrors to make the main camera work as a selfie camera.
                                    It both have a camera you need to physically do something to "reveal" it, and have a "unfolding" part on the back.

                                    Except that my idea would have a button, like on those boxes :
                                    Where you simply push and it would open the whole camera mirror from spring loaded mechanisms, and it would basically unfold as something approximatively like this :

                                    And you would simply push it down, and like those plastic boxes, it would again hold back in place.
                                    It could either be built in the phone back, or in the phone's case.

                                    But regardless, I would have love to see this phone hit the market, it would have been a great phone for diversity, mainly the idea of two side sliding, imagine a smartphone with one side a camera + speaker and on the other side a physical keyboard !
                                    What I really loved though was that in this non-functional prototype, there was a 3.5mm Jack port !

                                    Many brands would have use the slider phone design as an excuse to not include it just to match the Apple trend, like the 3 only slider smartphone did, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (4G and 4G variant), the Lenovo Z5 Pro (and Pro GT variant), and the Honor Magic 2 (and 3D variant), some only in the name of thin phones.
                                    And that's kinda stupid because if you think about it, the whole phone don't need to be in two parts, the sliding parts can simply be a thin part sliding off of the back of the phone's body with only the part with the cameras being thicker.

                                      HMD won't last long if they kept using nostalgia as a mean to sell their phones

                                        Nokia N95 remains to be the best overall-purpose device I have ever used. HMD just doesn't have the image the olden Nokia had, they simply cannot.