OnePlus Nord SE to come with 65W charging and Snapdragon 765G

10 November 2020
It will launch shortly after the OnePlus 9, which is rumored to arrive in March 2021.

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  • 25 Nov 2020

Zakaria rubel, 14 Nov 2020At first should add aluminium frame It will be best if it comes with a aluminium frame & glass back

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    • Zakaria rubel
    • Pxm
    • 14 Nov 2020

    At first should add aluminium frame

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      • Dipankar Haldar
      • uNV
      • 11 Nov 2020

      Karan thakur, 10 Nov 2020Play with free fire network problem faceingI have found a big problem in my OnePlus Nord mobile phone. When I playing freefire then I face network problem. Its very bad.

        Anonymous, 10 Nov 2020Oneplus is starting to loose the exclusivity factor It already did with those 2 new phones... It wouldn't bother me if they had the capability to offer the same amount of support as before but they don't...

          Fail phone

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            • Anonymous
            • 3yK
            • 11 Nov 2020

            "SE" ??

            Wherever do these Creative Companies Phind their inspiration?

              I hope It will be a sub 6" compact. It would be time for decent spec phones to get smaller. I hope the iphone 12 mini will start that trend.

                OppaiHunter69, 10 Nov 2020Xiaomi is the new OnePlus anywayTotally especially if you consider their pricing in China.

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                  • Karan thakur
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                  • 10 Nov 2020

                  Anonymous, 10 Nov 2020Stop the lies! False comment! Play with free fire network problem faceing

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                    • Diviner
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                    • 10 Nov 2020

                    Great.. just great.. So i got the half baked original device and OnePlus had us fans as beta testers, just in order to release the finalized device half a year later. How about testing the device internally next time, then release it

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 3PI
                      • 10 Nov 2020

                      Shadocx, 10 Nov 2020 moreHow can you compare phones with 30% price difference. 100 euros can be a lot for many people literally to throw out for 90hz and OIS. If everyone was rich the Nord wouldn't exist in the 1st place.
                      And for 400 there is the Poco f2!

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                        • 10 Nov 2020

                        No Ads 4 me, 10 Nov 2020Xiaomi has one major issue, the ADS ! no way.....Stop the lies! False comment!

                          Vasra, 10 Nov 2020Poco X3 NFC: + 120Hz screen + card slot + 3.5mm headpho... moreYes, let's just ignore the 90Hz AMOLED display, SD 765G with 5G and Adreno 620 that already give 3 fps more in GFX Bench, OIS on main camera, dual front camera that record up to 4K, dual frequency GPS.

                          To each his/her own priorities, I guess.

                          The only things that are standing out to me on the poco X3 are the MicroSD card slot, headphone jack, stereo speakers and the bigger battery.

                            Shadocx, 10 Nov 2020 morePoco X3 NFC:
                            + 120Hz screen
                            + card slot
                            + 3.5mm headphone jack
                            + 5160 mAh battery
                            + radio
                            + 33W Fast charging
                            + stereo speakers
                            = both have 4 x crap cams
                            = both have SD 7xx crap for gaming SoCs (very little difference)
                            - Nord has better selfie cam (don't care, 20MP on Poco is plenty enough)

                            Nord is 400€ for 128GB model in EU, Poxo X3 NFC is 249€ for 128GB.

                            NO CONTEST.


                              Vasra, 10 Nov 20201+ has really lost its way... too underpowered, too feature... more

                              Xiaomi all the way? I let you compare these 2 phones and say the OnePlus Nord is inferior in every category...

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                                • OppaiHunter69
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                                • 10 Nov 2020

                                Vasra, 10 Nov 20201+ has really lost its way... too underpowered, too feature... moreXiaomi is the new OnePlus anyway

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                                  • Anonymous
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                                  • 10 Nov 2020

                                  Rik, 10 Nov 2020Is it a compact size phone?A compact sized phone from a Chinese manufacturer? Only in dreams.

                                    I bet this is just another rebranded Oppo phone like almost everything OnePlus released in the last 2 years.

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                                      • gJt
                                      • 10 Nov 2020

                                      Cant find the Nord in stock !

                                        No Ads 4 me, 10 Nov 2020Xiaomi has one major issue, the ADS ! no way.....Install xiaomi.EU rom and click a few buttons: ZERO calling of Xiaomi servers, ZERO ads. PROBLEM solved. Official support retained, incl. warranty!