Samsung Galaxy S20 gets tons of bug fixes with the latest One UI 3.0 beta

10 November 2020
It's seeding in multiple countries.

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  • 31 Dec 2020

im from nz, done the ui 3.0 update yesterday on my s20, and now the whole screen is disfunctional 😢

    After a ton of bug fixes and nearly a year later...
    Samsung finally made the S20 worth of it's Launch date?

      CICARITO, 10 Nov 2020Good one man👍👌🤣🤣...I'm just trying to imagine my actual S20+5 with SD, without tons of in house bloatware and trash app store...

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        • 11 Nov 2020

        The main problem still the Exynos processor with overheating and high battery usage.

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          • 11 Nov 2020

          Bodygard, 10 Nov 2020Exynos is crap in Europe! Give us proper snap 865 like you ... moreI wholeheartedly agree with this

            whatnickname, 10 Nov 2020...biggest bug is Exynos...Good one man👍👌🤣🤣

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              • 10 Nov 2020

              Did they fix the poor battery endurance ...?

                Exynos is crap in Europe! Give us proper snap 865 like you have in USA or lower the price of devices in Europe. Scamsung....

                  ...biggest bug is Exynos...

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                    • 10 Nov 2020

                    So, it's down to 50 unnecessary bloatware now?

                      Looks very close to final release! Excellent 👌