Samsung phones and tablets are now part of the Android Enterprise Recommended Program

11 November 2020
The first set of devices includes the Galaxy S20, Note 20 and Tab S7 series as well as the XCover Pro.

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  • 16 Nov 2020

would this include the M21 model? because we tried applying enterprise setup via UEM and didn't work. the model was unable to connect to our VPN, no matter which VPN-related IT policy item I set for it.

    OH how nice for them, but i don't want KNOX on my personal phone ... so how about actually giving a consumer phone without that crap... !?

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      • 12 Nov 2020

      Adul Al Salami Kebab, 11 Nov 2020What is? OwOOpposite of wow. Commonly used for describing something that lacks a wow factor.

        Just got a Galaxy Tab S7+ for my father to replace his iPad that broke.
        Can't take my eyes off that big AMOLED screen.
        It definitely fits the criteria of a recommended product.

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          • 11 Nov 2020

          Anonymous, 11 Nov 2020Ok, android enterprise needs to bring attetion to poor soft... moreThis program does give you insight on this issue. You can see for how long the OEM plans to support one device, and how frequently updates will be issued.

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            • 11 Nov 2020

            Ok, android enterprise needs to bring attetion to poor software support.
            Especially regarding devices with capable processors!

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              • Adul Al Salami Kebab
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              • 11 Nov 2020

              What is? OwO