Harmony OS alleged eligible devices list appears - 42 phones make the cut

13 November 2020
A few wearables and tablets will be able to switch as well.

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  • Sadaukis

Why Huawei P30 lite not included? Hope it will be considered.

Lasuto, 13 Nov 2020Can't even typed it right smhLast time I did
It was blocked
Thanks to Xi

Meh, my mate 30 pro doesn't even get updates at this point so the chances of me getting it seems very slim.

  • Karthik

Huawei Nova 5t.. Will it get the update.. Confused as it is the same as Honor 20

  • CTC

Guys mate 10 pro or is it time to throw it away. Still great phone lots of ram and power and sleek design

  • RRT

All GMS devices not switching? P30 and P30 pro are on the list and they are GMS devices. P40 lite isn't on the list and it's a non-GMS device. The list isn't GMS oriented at all actually, it's just last 2 years mid range and above. At least the P series. I'd beta test if the P40 lite was on the list, I'd buy one for testing, but I'd keep a P30/P30 pro as it is.

  • Anonymous

I was so excited about the harmony os, but so sad 😔 looks like the huawei p smart 2018 emui 9.1 isn't on the list

  • Anonymous

Finally smartphones without CIA/NSA backdoors and Google/Facebook selling your personal data and every move you make for advertising and brainwashing.

Huawei should just allow Dual boot and it will be perfect from start

  • Anonymous

Will the update to Harmony OS be optional for devices that didn't come pre-installed with harmony os..

  • Anonymous

Not for 8x.,feel bad

  • Plus

No Honor Magic 2 ;-;

  • Anonymous

damn it.. P20 Pro is dead.

tehyadro, 13 Nov 2020No love for P20 Pro. They have officially abandoned us.Because the p 20 series is quite old

Fayth, 13 Nov 2020as long as it can run Android AppsIt can

James Whister, 13 Nov 2020That means we won't be able to download and install do... moreNo it means harmony os is not android

  • Anonymous

Nova 5T isn't in the list :(

as long as it can run Android Apps

No love for P20 Pro.
They have officially abandoned us.

  • Anonymous

TEtech, 13 Nov 2020android with a huawei skin is called emui, harmony os is th... moreIt should have connection other wise you won't able to run apk files.I think they will be using a tweked Android AOSP kernal