HMD Global announces Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G

13 November 2020
A new take at two classics.

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Anonymous, 13 Nov 2020Best stereo speakers on the phoneAbsolutely not. From that era, N82 was undisputed leader.

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2020'Burner phone'. Will be popular with certain groups!those are not a smart choice as a burner phone, they are semi smart a burner phone is nokia 1100

I'm wonder if it can still support Java games, that would be better

  • N6300Fan

N6300 4G Plastic frame, plastic back - i don't know why was expecting better materials; how foolish of me!!! Guess i will keep my old N6300 as my main phone and S10e as secondary.

''The 6300 4G design is nearly identical to the old 2006 version''
Are we blind nowadays? Where are the sharp edges and elegant stainless steel design? The only thing similar is that black rim..

  • Anonymous

'Burner phone'. Will be popular with certain groups!

  • Review

waste of money
not even look like the legendary series
please kill it (nostalgia is a bad sales strategy)

Felt this could be kept as backup untill it showed: ""charges over microUSB"" stead of USB C.

  • Anonymous

dph.abu.shofwan, 13 Nov 2020Beautiful looking. But they really should give better chips... moreThis is a great waist of money

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2020I know, it's the Qin 1S that you're probably talk... moreThey just can't move on

  • Anonymous

RN, 13 Nov 2020The price is still a bit too much for 'just' a 4G... moreI know, it's the Qin 1S that you're probably talking about, but even other small gadgets have USB-C these days, not just phones. And meanwhile in the year 2400, Nokia would probably be still making these premium junk phones with VGA camera, 4GB storage, and a very useless low res display

  • Anonymous

Izzie, 13 Nov 2020The Nokia "8000" looks like a 6233. Loved that phone.Best stereo speakers on the phone

The price is still a bit too much for 'just' a 4G Nokia's feature phone, in the end of 2020, and... still using MicroUSB? I mean... look, Xiaomi made a feature phone (2018 or 2019 I'm not sure) that has buggy software, no camera, no vibrator motor, same got 4G in it tho, BUT it's already using type-C!

  • Izzie

The Nokia "8000" looks like a 6233. Loved that phone.

  • Flava

I was hoping it would a slider more of an upgrade to 8110 rather then 3310 upgrade.

  • Anonymous

The 8000 4G somewhat reminds me of the old 6233 with its curved shape. But the 6300 4G is definitely the better looking phone. And the 8000 almost touches into entry level smartphone category. Dunno what would be more reliable with day to day use, the 8000 or some low end Android phone.

  • Dani

Anders, 13 Nov 2020Nokia 8000 4G is going to cost €80?? That's ridiculous... moreI would rather have the Nokia instead of Redmi. I know sounds weird but in my opinion that redmi will stutter more than my 7 years old ass Galaxy s2.

Nokia should re-release model no. 515. It was premium phone with aluminum body.

BMM, 13 Nov 2020Countless studies have shown that a lot of people are addic... moreLol you should be worried about bigger problems like pollutants in the air, water and food. Those are much more dangerous than a smartphone addiction.

  • joaquimlopes

Why does Nokia launch the same phones with dual-sim qwerty keyboard, i'll bet that they would be a huge success!