Realme chooses Belsimpel as exclusive partner in the Netherlands

16 November 2020
The first set of Realme phones on sale in the Netherlands are the Realme 7, 7Pro and X50 5G.

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  • LoeWn

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2020As a Dutchie, i think 199 for a 90hz phone is good. But the... moreWhat do you need Google Pay for?
NFC payments can easily be done throughout your bank app.

  • M1999

Just bought a new phone, but always nice to see more variety :). We need more brands here, even more known brands are hard to find. Hope people here will like Realme, and there are more devices available in the future.

It should have the playstore right? Or am I wrong?

Simp, 16 Nov 2020Damn i kinda don't careThe world is with you on that one! 👌😆

  • Anonymous

As a Dutchie, i think 199 for a 90hz phone is good. But theres no Google Pay or Samsung Pay yet, so i'll stick to Iphone for now.

  • Simp

Damn i kinda don't care

  • Anonymous

I love in the NL, very curious to see if realme van do what oppo couldn't. Oppo is still a joke of a brand here, let's see if realme will fare better