Google Pixel 4a is now available in new Barely Blue color

16 November 2020
It seems to be a limited drop, though, so if you don't get one fast you may miss it.

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  • Anonymous

With screen sensitivity issue too?

  • Anonymous

Ali, 17 Nov 2020I pre-ordered a black one just after it was launched. Doubl... moreYou mean a for-profit company lied to you to get you to buy one of their existing products??? How dare they!!!

  • Anonymous

The article does not mention that it will only be available for the USA and Japan. I think GsmAreba could be better informed. It is like the Realme X3 PRO 5G, which GsmArena say in the data profile, has 2 sims and in Europe only has 1. And they don´t change this info. JAPAN AND USA only this color.

  • Anonymous

Google Pixel brings us all upside down. Somebody say that in March or May it will launch a real flagship killer. These are rumours. But for those of us who are choosing one of the 3 current Pixel, it makes us doubt more. If it weren't for the bad stereo and the absence of the telephoto, I would have had one of the 3 pixels long ago, waiting for the 4A 5G, of course.

  • Ali

I pre-ordered a black one just after it was launched. Double checked with Google whether they had the barely blue coming to the market in the future. They confirmed no other cold and configuration would be launched. Now they bloody released this!

Lasuto, 17 Nov 2020...and it will be barely sellsI doubt that. More people are actually looking at 4a than the 4a 5G and even the 5 itself.

  • AnonD-804996

kek, 17 Nov 2020Black is boring most of the time. It's just too plain.... moreWhite has always been my favorite. It just looks classy and is fingerprint resistant. Where black just shows every single fingerprint or smudge like crazy.

why pixel phones are not readily available in India? Mr Pichai should look into the matter and your fans in this country will bless u. will

...and it will be barely sells

  • Anonymous

Good. I've seen a person who didn't go for pixel 4a just because of the colour choice.

  • Techie

They should just rename pixel 4a to 'barely available'

  • Tha boss

Man ngl, the names are getting a bit toooo cheesy...

  • kek

shappy, 17 Nov 2020Black is boring if you are chid.Black is boring most of the time. It's just too plain. Same goes for White.

  • Anonymous

I see in European store of google it´s not this color, only just black. Hope they sell in white

Black is boring if you are chid.

  • Anonymous

Love the naming scheme of Google products XD

  • Thomas Marek

Now that it is blue, the Pixel 4a will be a runaway success.

  • Anonymous

They should use the og pixel blue color... really blue or something to make boring phone look striking.

Or brighter red .

  • Love it

Absolutely love this color, it made love this phone even more

Radiant red...