Huawei FreeLace Pro review

22 November 2020
Huawei's sporty neckband earbuds are water resistant, noise-cancelling and loud.

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  • Anonymous

I was supposed to have one from last year on boxing day sale but the car phone warehouse cheated me saying the offer ended 21st of DEC. The offer was shown in their website and I also asked one of their salesman about the offer. I bought it there and then from the store but later couldn't claim it. 😡😡

  • Anonymous

When this will be available in India

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

I already have the Sony WH, i9s & i12s of inPods so I do not really need a another tough the only concern I have of this type is what if the cable gets a bend? Or what about storing it in a bad way may damage the cable? I bet its a good product but it may be a little fragile... c:

I am using them for a few months and they are awesome with great battery life. You can shower in them too!

  • Anonymous

Is it better than boltune in-ear? :-)

I prefer thinner neckband....

  • Anonymous

How do they compare to the Bullets Wireless 2 in terms of sound quality?

  • Fonpro

Does connect 2 phones at the same time without the need to sign off one of them

  • Anonymous

Where is your flashback article?

sudione, 22 Nov 2020Where is the orange color?:(The green is quite nice looking too

gringo, 22 Nov 2020ANC is a harmful technology for your ears ... get ride of t... moregive me a real research and ill believe you, don't believe everything you see on the internet.
like bt, phone chargers and phones themselves wont cause you cancer

  • gringo

ANC is a harmful technology for your ears ... get ride of that !!!

I never saw gsmarena talking about the aptX codecs on their earphone tests ... Wich is the main feature to compare in all of the wireless headphones !!!

Where is the orange color?:(

The integrated USB-C is pretty clever, also says that C-C charging is possible. A big deal since most USB-C accessories only support C-A.