ZTE Axon 20 5G Extreme Edition teased

19 November 2020
It's unclear if it shares the internals with the regular model.

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  • 21 Nov 2020

Axon phones suck

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    • 19 Nov 2020

    Rareart1, 19 Nov 2020 Is it just me, or is the model holding this ZTE attractive? It's just you

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      • 19 Nov 2020

      This phone is a joke! Seriously what it does that the Poco F2 Pro doesn't ?
      Well, okay, I admit it, it have a Micro SD Slot (which I like), USB 3.1 over 2.0 (which is good), and a 90Hz display over a 60Hz one for the peoples who suffered all this years before the first 60HZ+ smartphone appeared ? and for the few apps that support it.

      But on the other side :
      *Better display (higher screen to body ratio, HDR10+, higher pixel density and Gorilla Glass 5).
      *High end/Flagship SoC vs mid range one.
      *LDDDR5 and maybe UFS 3.1 vs UFS 3.0 or lesser.
      *Same main camera, but a PROPER Ultra-Wide (not under 12Mp) vs a crappy 8Mp one, world best Macro and only Telephoto Macro at 5Mp (still too low) vs a 2Mp macro 😂, 960Fps (how it isn't mandatory in 2020 ?).
      *Privacy respecting pop up camera that have NO WEAR ISSUES, that is more than WATER RESISTANT ENOUGH, that NEVER HAD DUST ISSUES, and is TOUGH ENOUGH to torture it, that offer a good/normal quality picture vs the proven crappy underdisplay camera "quality" that can't offer privacy and could actually have real issues.
      *3.5mm Jack !!! (RIP in Peace ZTE).
      *Wi-Fi 6 ! (How a phone such new don't have that is a mystery, or a joke maybe).
      *Sat-Nav with dual band.
      *Infrared Port (like, it literally cost nothing and take basically no space, why wouldn't you include it ?)...
      *Bigger battery.
      *Lower Price.
      *IP Rating, yes, the phone with the pop up have IP rating and the one with underdisplay camera doesn't, oh sweet irony ! 😂🤣👍👌

      Funny part is, the Axon 20 is basically a slightly upgraded Axon 11 with flat display and the stupid underdisplay camera.
      Camera that did required years of R&D and who did cost a fortune, but both have the same price, talk about nothing suspicious here, not at all as if it was planned to be sold at a loss to both make a big hype and buzz for the brand while using users as a beta tester for something they won't ever have a final version of...

      But peoples are over-hyped because UnDeRdIsPlAy CaMeRa Is ThE fUtUrE.
      The funny part is that the pop up technically already is under the display, except that it doesn't spy on you when it isn't used just to give you a crappy quality when in use and a spot on the display with less resolution.

      I can't want to see the disappointment that underdisplay camera will be, so we can resume finding actual good solutions to the non existing problems Apple started.

        Android as usual always the first.
        Today it is the first ecosystem to push the envelope of innovation with a under the display camera.

        Android is head and shoulders above the competition because it's an amalgamation of a bunch of companies innovating which in turn ends up providing its consumers a premium experience which cannot be found elsewhere in the smartphone world.

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          • 19 Nov 2020

          Depth, macro, micro... Another one...

            Rareart1, 19 Nov 2020 Is it just me, or is the model holding this ZTE attractive? She is plain beauty, but not sexy. It's bit like minimalist designs, they're inoffensive.

              Is it just me, or is the model holding this ZTE attractive?