Oppo X 2021 rollable display is manufactured by BOE

19 November 2020
VP of BOE proudly has confirmed the company’s achievement.

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  • dve24

naap51d, 20 Nov 2020It looks as if the display, rolls out from the edge, meanin... moreit will have gorlia glass on top of the moving screen i would imagine 🤔

Foldables just left the group.

  • Anonymous

Oppo X: rollable display in 2021
Apple iRoll Pro Max 67G in 2026: new innovation!

  • jason

Poorolan, 20 Nov 2020No man BOE failed again to meet Apple standardsno they didnt, they couldnt meet demand, apple were looking to move away from samsung as their main panel distributer, but the other companies could not produce the same numbers of panels

  • Anonymous

Stolen tech, why are they allowed to sell it?

Luthfor, 19 Nov 2020Wheres the hatter? Who said its lg innovation. Brand blind ... moreLG has a fully working example with the TV. We still yet to see anything from Oppo.

  • Anonymous

iOS.Never.Again, 20 Nov 2020Mi Mix Alpha is less useful than this. You can't real... moreIt was on display in a glass case at my local Mi store. It looked incredible with the swirling clouds on the wrap around display. I asked if I could buy it but the salesperson said no.

  • Poorolan

.alpha, 19 Nov 2020Apple already signed BOE to supply iPhone 12. BOW made the ... moreNo man BOE failed again to meet Apple standards

CptPower, 19 Nov 2020Rather Mi Mix Alpha than this. Mi Mix Alpha is less useful than this.
You can't really use the big screen real estate like on this badboy.
Mi Mix Alpha is only cool looking, not that practical but Kudos to Xiaomi from bringing something innovative.

It looks as if the display, rolls out from the edge, meaning the thin FLEXIBLE display can suffer damage from being gripped on the side.

Android--Master, 19 Nov 2020Don't forget, it's only available in the Android ... moreNo really? Tell me something I don't know.

joe nodden, 19 Nov 2020Now THIS is real innovation. It's just like those &quo... moreDon't forget, it's only available in the Android world.
If not for Android, we'd still be stuck at 4" Smartphone displays with huge bezels.

  • .alpha

Apple already signed BOE to supply iPhone 12. BOW made the change Apple required and in October Apple announced BOE will start supply iPhone 12 screens joining Samsung and LG

Rather Mi Mix Alpha than this.

joe nodden, 19 Nov 2020I agree with point number 2. First and last one I'm no... moreWell, that's the issue, you can't just "perfectly implement them", as I said yesterday, the issue that most peoples completely ignore, is that there are multiple different ways to hold a phone, and touch rejection can't work with all of them.
Plus there will always be stretched image and glares, making it basically useless.

And this is because only Samsung made it, and they extremely poorly implemented it, even Qualcomm barely took advantage of the technology.
It is like making one of the best 3D facial recognition hardware to only check the shape of the nose...
Ultrasonic FPS can do way more than reading fingerprint, but nor Samsung nor Qualcomm did use that, you can not only read the fingerprint in 3D which already beat optical and capacitive, but you can also read object density, checking it is indeed flesh, but also read veins patterns, and even blood density, reject every objects that have other density so gloves, screen protection, water, grease and all that get ignored, check there is blood flowing in the veins, check there is a distal phalanx,etc.
And unlike capacitive or optical whose RAW data already give you an almost usable pattern, here you need to do sound imaging, so it require more specific and heavier calculation, the logic would be to have a dedicated chip for that, but the Qualcomm 3D Sonic doesn't include it.

The 3D Sonic Max does though, it is superior in every imaginable aspects to the one Samsung use, they could have used it, Qualcomm wanted Samsung to use it, it was available for the Galaxy S20, but Samsung got stupid and refused to upgrade to the way better 2nd generation because Qualcomm refused to make it an exclusivity deal, probably because they and their chances at selling it to Apple.

So this is the best tech that got the most under-exploited and poorly implemented, because with its integrated hardware, the 3D Sonic Max would have been quite fast !

Demongornot, 19 Nov 20203 things : 1) It is the only acceptable excuse for curved ... moreI agree with point number 2. First and last one I'm not sure I completely agree. For one, curved edge displays are good when implemented well. Secondly, idk, I've yet to see a fast ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Now THIS is real innovation. It's just like those "concept" smartphones from 7 years ago that would obviously never be real... except now they're real.

Hows the display ratio when its slided to 7.4 inch? Will it able to run fullscreen video at 16:9 ratio?

Pen it in... and bye bye..., You know hwo!!!

  • Annas

Very nice for TV for now...lets see this becoming more than an concept please