Huawei Mate X2 arrives at TENAA, unknown 5G phone tags along

20 November 2020
TENAA has not published the full information on the Mate X2 foldable yet, but this development means that the launch is close at hand.

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  • Anonymous

I love the original Mate X design. Huawei should keep both the X design n call this new design Mate V

"That’s rather tall for a 6.5” phone and the battery is on the small side for a device which such dimensions."
I guess the second phone is probably a clamshell foldable from Huawei

AnonD-923722, 20 Nov 2020How do they have enough Kirin chips? Is it because the Mate... moreNo,they just limit the sell,not selling too many phone at once to save chipset.
In China,you need pay at least ≈100USD more than offical price/or buy another Huawei TV to get Mate40Pro in most offline store.On online store it is hard to buy.For Mate 40Pro+ and the Porsch design version,it is even harder and you need pay more.

  • Anonymous

I believe Huawei can now attain chipsets, just not for their 5G business

  • AnonD-923722

How do they have enough Kirin chips? Is it because the Mate 40 series don't sold well?

I'm waiting for the new rollable devices.
Foldables are on their way out already.

"this change requires a secondary screen to remain outside – a narrow 4.5” panel."

How unfortunate.