Amazon Black Friday deals let you save on Apple, Samsung, Oppo and others

20 November 2020
More phone deals amid the big shopping frenzy.

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  • Anonymous

64GB iPhone 11 Pro comes out to €769.99 ahahhahah 2020 and for 770euros they are selling phone wiht 64GB of internal memory ahahahhaha

"There are deals on refurbished Apple flagships from last year"


The best deal was Poco F2 Pro for €299 but disappeared in less than 1 hour hahaha
Snap865, amoled hdr10+, ufs3.1, wifi ac, 4700 mAh batt with fast charge, optical fingerprint, etc for 299 is a steal. Hahaha the real flagship killer of 2020.

Stand by for more deals like Oneplus 8T for 449 etc...;)