The Sony Xperia Compact line might be making a return with a rumored 5.5-inch model

21 November 2020
The mysterious device will allegedly use an unannounced Snapdragon 775 chipset.

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  • MajorC

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020Yeah! 21:9 is noncense! Normal small phone to beat iPhone 1... moreActually it's not bad at all. And I love the split screen.

  • Dee

Yeah,,,, But the selfie camera is still gonna sux so who cares... Otherwise, id be super excited

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020Your connectivity buttons are all there, dude.To add to that. People using social media, all version of "stories" are up there. You can press search button on twitter at the bottom but can't type until you tap the bar, on the top. Settings on Line app, whatsapp. There are no 3 dots (settings) to tap at the bottom of your screen. It's all on the top

  • Anonymous

shortkey, 22 Nov 2020I know, but unfortunately, I DO mind iOS. After previous ex... moreYeah! 21:9 is noncense! Normal small phone to beat iPhone 12 mini in total size, while being thicker... would stole my heart for the next phone.

  • Anonymous

I need this in a reasonable price! It's been too hard to find a small decent Android phone with water resistance!

Batil, 22 Nov 2020Sony, a company that follows Apple like blind then regret it! The original iPhone SE from 2016 existed, all thanks to Xperia Compact lineup. So, it's the way around. And do I need to mention Apple was inspired by Sony for most part?

  • wongwatt

inSyt, 22 Nov 2020Yes on the real device, the bezels weren't visible whe... moreOf course they were, the bezels were shiny black (or coloured) while the display, even off, was visibly lighter with an LCD.
It takes creative lighting to hide bezels in real life, the off angle shown here would clearly highlight the shade differences.

  • Anonymous

Please make it happen. Just need a good enough specs so it won't be too expensive. Good midrange phone is nice with smaller dimension

  • Anonymous

Robbie, 22 Nov 2020Why is everyone so interested in reaching the top of their ... moreYour connectivity buttons are all there, dude.

  • Anonymous

Yeayyy, waiting

  • mxiedfish

ME, 22 Nov 2020Compact is less than 5 inch.5.5" on a 21:9 ratio is smaller than a standard 5" phone.

  • Anonymous

Eldamri, 22 Nov 2020Yes the iphone mini is tempting but it has a small battery ... moreTight

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020So funny ppl today buy 16,3 cm phones and still try to reac... moreIn 2005. after 3 years of huge screen (for that time) Nokia 7110, I bought Sony Ericsson P800, with even bigger screen, and used almost the whole "P" lineup since (P900, P990, P1), and all of my smartphones after that were Sony (Mini Pro, SP, T3, X Compact, XZ1 Compact), so 15 years of touchscreen use under my fingers.

The whole "P" series had stylus on them. You could write in cursive and it would recognize your handwriting and write any text. But it was a gimmick. After a few days it just got annoying using two hands for typing something quick and also for the long typing too. So, since it needed something sharp for writing, for quick text I used edge of my thumb nail, but for longer text I used either the physical or virtual T9 keyboard with predictive text.

And since the Xperia Keyboard had Portrait mode with the same awesome T9 layout, I just continued to use it on all my Xperia phones. Even when Sony didn't install it on my current XZ1 Compact by default, I sideloaded it in. And I'm typing this text on it too. With my fat cucumber fingers. Comfortably. All with one hand. So, if they made even narrower phone, I could still type comfortably on it.

There are people who just want to use it with one hand. It is just easier. For quick or very long use. In so many situations. It's that simple.

  • Milivoe

Xperian, 22 Nov 2020Hopefully will be like xz1 compact size with 3000mah batter... moreDo not play with suggestions of less than 4000mAh battery. You are abusing the freedom of speech by opening your mouth without thinking first what will actually come out of it. Go to the corner and feel ashamed of yourself for the next 2 years.

  • ME

Compact is less than 5 inch.

  • Anonymous

inSyt, 22 Nov 2020Okay, i'm looking at my dead Z5C, i see the mic differ... moreYeah you are right. I just looked again, the left side is the same as the render. Myne is just a bit dirty and battered after +4 years of faithful service (shattered glass back held together by tape for +1yr).

  • inSyt

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020Not the Z5 compact, reading this on my Z5c and the top mic ... moreOkay, i'm looking at my dead Z5C, i see the mic difference. But the side looks the same. What's the chances of a 2020 prototype with a lanyard slot?

  • inSyt

Wongwatt, 22 Nov 2020It's still a render because the bezels are not visible... moreYes on the real device, the bezels weren't visible when the screen was off. Almost all phones are like this.

  • Batil

Sony, a company that follows Apple like blind then regret it!

  • Ssmp

Eldamri, 22 Nov 2020Yes the iphone mini is tempting but it has a small battery ... morei'm using the 1 ii since it got released and i can tell you that i can't imagine going back to a 16:9 display anymore. You simply have so much space and when the keyboard opens, you still have the old 16:9 sceen available and cinema movies look just great, ideal. I also don't like other phone's tall phones because they arent following any standard and they all have notches, dots or what so ever. I am sure that if you tried to use the 1 ii or 5 ii for a month, you'd realise the same as i realised. 😉