The Sony Xperia Compact line might be making a return with a rumored 5.5-inch model

21 November 2020
The mysterious device will allegedly use an unannounced Snapdragon 775 chipset.

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  • happy guy

yes. 5.5" would be perfect!... except I also want it also to fold in half...
I have a Japanese version Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact using in the US... at 5.3" I am constantly fat fingering the text, which I almost never did with a 5.75" (Honor 8).
(Regarding the Japanese version working in the US... it is doing pretty good, but I will to try to flash it to a US version ROM due to limitations/issues - group MMS is disabled, has trouble connecting to a new 4G network when traveling (using Mint).. sometimes reconnects when I reset the phone in a new city).

  • Maxy T

........What are you waiting for Sony ????
I'm waiting for YOU!!!!


I would like a compact phone the size of Z5compact with a metal frame (iphone 12)and a back lid that would not come off.A phone with a decent processor(5G)&refresh rate up to 120 Hz,same arrangement of the buttons on the right hand side,3.5 jack for music and calls(90 degree handsfree jack).New cameras(housing and layout of samsung s21) and last but not least a radio(FM).
FM radio is very important for me and many other cellphone users.
I am a SONY fanatic and I want something of high quality like iphone 12 &Samsung S21.Suggested price 500-700 Euros.

  • Subrata Das

I am waiting for Sony Xperia mobile available in India.

  • ILoveEeEe

Best camera maybe secondary but Face ID could be a must for some, so wait for your good news.

  • JAI

Iam patiently waiting for this one..

It's still too f-ing big! I want a new compact phone! 140 mm isn't compact, it's BIG!

  • Jamez

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021Any news from Sony on a (soon) upcoming compact?? Need to ... moreI'm also waiting, like the moon to rise, for next compact model. Xc1 compact here as well, and nothing even close as good to change to on the market.. Why isn't there ANY respectable compact phones? (

  • Anonymous

I can't wait for a compact andriod phone. I Been using the 12 mini. Love the size but, I hate the damn software. I hope more and more companys start making compact phone. Phone are becoming a tablet that can make phone calls.

  • Anonymous

Jango, 12 Jan 2021Please be true! I've always gone with Compact models, ... moreAny news from Sony on a (soon) upcoming compact?? Need to upgrade/replace my XZ1 compact!!

  • Jango

Please be true! I've always gone with Compact models, I hope for a big leap from XZ1 Compact!

I hope they make this. I will buy two if they do make this. although, I am sure qualcom will rename the 775 chipset to something such as 875 or 878.

  • Jay

Yes, nowadays people are bored with Notch and big screen phones. We need someone to make compact as 5 to 5.5 inches phones now without Notch / Hole etc. 100% Display onto 5 to 5.5 inches only. Of course with SD835, 16mp camera at least and 4500mAh battery, at least 2.3ghz clock speed, under 10nm again, Gorilla glass 6, slim design is not necessary, and many more factors to say

giusgius, 25 Nov 2020If Xperia 5 II was a 2cm smaller I would buy it, it would b... moreAny phone wider than 64mm is not one hand held phone and obviously not compact, I would love a compact flagship maximum 64mm wide flat back made from plastic same as my xz2 compact plastic better cameras or latest as much as possible for front and rear, 5g, and excellent Oled screen, I wish Sony will be the first to introduce an electronic simcard which you download with pin code, and 512 gb memory built-in, no need for sim/memory tray in phones ever again

  • Anonymous

Dee, 24 Nov 2020Yeah,,,, But the selfie camera is still gonna sux so who ca... moreYeah, but selfie camera is useless so who cares?

If Xperia 5 II was a 2cm smaller I would buy it, it would be great phone, that's what we want!
135x65x9 & 140x70x9 are the best options in my opinion. no more then 19:9 ratio.

Until now my family is stuck on ZL, Z5 Compact, XZ1 Compact phones...
Z5's camera takes really good low light photos as well and snapdragon 810 still rocking.

  • MajorC

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020Yeah! 21:9 is noncense! Normal small phone to beat iPhone 1... moreActually it's not bad at all. And I love the split screen.

  • Dee

Yeah,,,, But the selfie camera is still gonna sux so who cares... Otherwise, id be super excited

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020Your connectivity buttons are all there, dude.To add to that. People using social media, all version of "stories" are up there. You can press search button on twitter at the bottom but can't type until you tap the bar, on the top. Settings on Line app, whatsapp. There are no 3 dots (settings) to tap at the bottom of your screen. It's all on the top

  • Anonymous

shortkey, 22 Nov 2020I know, but unfortunately, I DO mind iOS. After previous ex... moreYeah! 21:9 is noncense! Normal small phone to beat iPhone 12 mini in total size, while being thicker... would stole my heart for the next phone.