ICS update for LG Optimus 2X is coming after all

13 August, 2012
LG Korea confirmed that the update is being tested, but said nothing on when and where it will be available.

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  • kizambare

so sad to after all my lg phones, I have to agree with the crowd screaming LG is dead end. I have to move after all, but I like the LG phones, they have nothing with ApplexSamsung nor with SonyMusicEricsson, or Motogoogle, but unfortunate of me I cannot afford to stay lost in the past just because they are lazy programmers or worst, instead of upgranding their cells they prefer to sell new (expensive) models that will not be upgraded too.

  • Fucyulg

I will never again buy something with LG logo!

  • Tahlia

LG, we hate you! :)

  • Anonymous

Ladies,it all sucks ;(.. Waiting for 1 year of ICS update.. I want Samsung phone now but no one want to buy my old P920 crap ;(..

  • Anonymous

i think we will wait more.......... :/

  • Anonymous

LG sucks. I am waiting for ICS for a year now. Should have gone with Samsung.

  • dekoajduk

At the moment we are 23.11.2012 Q4.

  • juan manuel vas

disappointment that much delay .... irresponsible.

  • Anonymous

Efman, 23 Oct 2012I have installed an ICS rom on my OP2 and it runs MUCH faster th... moreHOW did u update

  • Chomon

Source code ics su660 public...!

  • malik

Efman, 23 Oct 2012I have installed an ICS rom on my OP2 and it runs MUCH faster th... moreHi, Efman
How can I upgrade my op2 to ICS?

  • Efman

I have installed an ICS rom on my OP2 and it runs MUCH faster than with 2.3. As reported, the camera is buggered a bit, but everything else is faster and smoother. I cant understand why they wouldnt get ICS out for this phone ASAP.

  • Anonymous

canadian here. lg has proven time and time again that they have no interest in supporting updates and my country and seems to be going out of their way to give the finger to canadians. fuck you lg. never buying your phones again. samsung doesnt treat canadians like subhumans.

  • rooster

We want jelly bean now. Ice cream sandwich would be good... for last year!

  • optimus 2x owner

o2x has been such a good hardware (imho it tops all tegra2 phones from the construction point of view) ... it's sad that the software side has been neglected by lg (thank god for the cyanogenmod7/miui!)

  • hello

Why are you all waiting for an update that will never come??? From LG no one can get much,the 2x is a good fone and nothing more,the sony xperia series and the samsung galaxys are so much better...the only thing they (LG) should get is that no one should ever buy their products,pathetic.

  • Anonymous

This is why I will never ever buy an LG, we have to beg for the top of the range to have what in samsung is standard

  • Anonymous

Confirmed ics coming soon lg 2x 3d black prada Lte
We hear you these recent weeks and would like
to share with everyone that our Ice Cream
Sandwich (ICS) upgrade schedule is set and final
details will be announced when they are ready.
We are now working to fine-tune the upgrade
for a better experience for all our customers.
The following models will receive the ICS
upgrade in due time:
LG Optimus 2X
LG Optimus Black
LG Optimus 3D
LG Prada
LG Optimus LTE

  • AnonD-67993

OMG lol
LG Wake up!!!

  • Mayur

LG Suck :@ i sold my LG optimus 2x and brought new Galaxy S3, LG always disappoint all its customers (Mobile/Tablet Users). I will not buy any product from LG. Phone Performance Was Very good, but LG Updates & Service is Very BAD :@