Top 10 trending phones of week 47

23 November 2020
Poco managed to get everyone talking about its upcoming M3.

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  • Ash

Best poco x3 much greater than a51 even a71

Like a boss, A51

Samsung Galaxy A51 looks like a smash hit! I've had one for almost a year now and can say it's a great phone for the money $280 is what I paid for the 6g/128gb model. Takes good photos and with the UI 2.5 up date got some cool camera features! This phone needs a new review, it ain't the same phone I bought, it's better.

  • Firefox

2019 ruled by A50, 2020 ruled by A51...
Posting from my A50...

Pretty boring top 10 if you ask me. There's no game changing phones.

  • Anonymous

Whats up with a51???

Xiaomi and samsung