OnePlus Buds Z review

25 November 2020

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  • dom
  • s8a
  • 15 Aug 2023

i missing left side

    • C
    • Charlie
    • Y6F
    • 19 Jun 2023

    Lost my left ear bud, according to owners manual you can order a replacement, good luck no answer on my emails or chat. They did send a customer satisfaction survey, rated them 1. Went with Bose for my new buds.

      • A
      • Archit
      • rJU
      • 22 Jun 2022

      I bought One Plus Buds Z in around May-2021 and its June 2022. As my expirience, i dont find it a good product as it gives me only 45-50 minuted of earpiece backup. Take it as a genuine comment before purchase

        • S
        • Santosh
        • DkS
        • 12 May 2022

        I want oneplus buds. Z charging case only

          nanagdad, 25 Nov 2020Good but I wish there was a black coloured oneplus buds Z. Gray is available if you want

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • fCZ
            • 03 Jul 2021

            I recently bought this product. This is worst product. There are issues with very low volume. I took it to showroom and service centre but got very pathetic response and service. It is wastage of money totally.

              • a
              • anonymous user
              • XZp
              • 28 Jun 2021

              sound gets muted and comes back in few sec.............annoying stuff

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                • nandu
                • D0a
                • 19 Mar 2021

                i bought one pluse buds recently it doesnt work while running or while riding a bike the buds range is really poor

                  Biranchi nayak, 29 Nov 2020How many hour i have to charge the case for full charge? Less than an hour.

                    Biranchi nayak, 29 Nov 2020At the time of charging how many watt of adaptor is fit to ... moreIt can charge up to 30 watts with a charging brick that supports higher wattage.

                      I bought them in 2021. The sound quality is great for the price and easy pairing to OnePlus devices is great. The only knock I think is the weird case layout but even that has been easy to get use to. Good buy, would recommend.

                        • A
                        • Amit
                        • uuN
                        • 28 Feb 2021

                        My right earbud is not charging after two months of purchase and volume level of left earbud has decreased...

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                          • owwi
                          • D07
                          • 03 Jan 2021

                          can I charge single buds 6 times rather charging the buds pair 3 times each on the case?

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                            • pravin
                            • 7t{
                            • 08 Dec 2020

                            Reyon , 26 Nov 2020Well... I own one of these and from my usage, it tends to s... morei think it is normal because i bought on november 23rd and i have the same problem but i never dropped it once. i even replaced the product but still i have the same problem. it must be a software problem

                              • B
                              • Biranchi nayak
                              • YQQ
                              • 29 Nov 2020

                              At the time of charging how many watt of adaptor is fit to charge one plus byds z?

                                • B
                                • Biranchi nayak
                                • YQQ
                                • 29 Nov 2020

                                How many hour i have to charge the case for full charge?

                                  these buds look really well-designed and comfortable but volume control option should have been there

                                    • R
                                    • Reyon
                                    • g30
                                    • 26 Nov 2020

                                    Well... I own one of these and from my usage, it tends to stop playing sound at certain intervals for a second or 2. And I donno abt their durability, because i dropped 1 of the buds from pocket height on a concrete floor and it tends to work normally. But sometimes i feel like the bud that i dropped is having a very slight difference in volume and bass level. I seem to find it but when i asked it to others, they dont even feel that. Is it normal?

                                      • B
                                      • Bill
                                      • m5q
                                      • 26 Nov 2020

                                      I solved the case layout differently.

                                      If you take them out by reaching up like you're scratching the back of your ear they come out facing the right way to drop straight into the case.

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-836132
                                        • g3$
                                        • 26 Nov 2020

                                        Volume control should be added via an update. It's a must in TWS.