OnePlus Buds Z review

25 November 2020

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  • owwi

can I charge single buds 6 times rather charging the buds pair 3 times each on the case?

  • pravin

Reyon , 26 Nov 2020Well... I own one of these and from my usage, it tends to s... morei think it is normal because i bought on november 23rd and i have the same problem but i never dropped it once. i even replaced the product but still i have the same problem. it must be a software problem

  • Biranchi nayak

At the time of charging how many watt of adaptor is fit to charge one plus byds z?

  • Biranchi nayak

How many hour i have to charge the case for full charge?

these buds look really well-designed and comfortable but volume control option should have been there

  • Reyon

Well... I own one of these and from my usage, it tends to stop playing sound at certain intervals for a second or 2. And I donno abt their durability, because i dropped 1 of the buds from pocket height on a concrete floor and it tends to work normally. But sometimes i feel like the bud that i dropped is having a very slight difference in volume and bass level. I seem to find it but when i asked it to others, they dont even feel that. Is it normal?

  • Bill

I solved the case layout differently.

If you take them out by reaching up like you're scratching the back of your ear they come out facing the right way to drop straight into the case.

Volume control should be added via an update. It's a must in TWS.

  • Harsha

Massive failure! Urgent!
One plus 8t (latest brand new launch) doesn't support buds z for PUBG ... The sound in lobby itself is shattering despite considering low latency in the game . Even the sound in game do shattered all the time. Highly irritated!
Need Update rectifying this issue.

Joe.Mama, 25 Nov 2020here in germany: Dude 1 walks by with these in your ear ... moreThe Buds Z looks like AirPods? 🤨
The case looks like Galaxy buds and the buds looks like Huawei, I don't see how they look like Apple AirPods, maybe the blue Buds in the article but not the Buds Z.
People call you broke for not having AirPods?
It's 2020, people should mind their own business, this year has been enough catastrophic to care about them.

  • Chitrarth

First name-brand really.....xiaomi has lots of options and i dont think its alesser brand than oneplus

  • Anonymous

"abysmal quality control standards" you must be thinking of Xiaomi. Anything OP I have bought has been of amazing reliability and durability.

Good but I wish there was a black coloured oneplus buds Z.

here in germany:
Dude 1 walks by with these in your ear
Some other dude: looks at them and asks, are those new apple airpods? they look kinda different.
Dude 1: no theyre from oneplus, called buds Z
The other dude: oh so theyre just some copycat chinese earphones, got it
Dude 1: no actually theyre exeptionally well for the price
Dude 2: you must be broke man, hope your financial situation gets better

These kind of products are just straight up copy pasted from apples design, i don't own a single apple product but also I wouldn't buy any android product that mimics apples design, it's lazy, these look bad (as bad as the originals) and I don't want to own and run around with a counterfeit period, there are trillion of design choices open for them but they straight up copy pasted apple, shameful and weak from you OP...

written on my beloved OP 8 Pro - for anyone thinking I'm a "hATeeeR"

  • fortnite

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2020Own both (Buds Z and 8T) and still not facing any such rand... more8T + Buds Z

  • Nick R

Jack Ramsey, 25 Nov 2020You get jack all, I mean no 3.5mm jack for ya them... more4 + 4

  • zack to fortnite

OnePlus 8T + OnePlus Buds Z

Really nice review. The thing about layout is really interesting.

  • Anonymous

Jack Ramsey, 25 Nov 2020You get jack all, I mean no 3.5mm jack for ya them... moreYou are right, but in the most cases a wireless headphone is much practical choice. Wired is ok when you don't move too much

  • Jack Ramsey

You get jack all, I mean no 3.5mm jack for ya them little plastic thingz with poor sound.