One Oppo flagship will use a Snapdragon 870, an overclocked 865, the Find X3 is getting the S875

23 November 2020
The Oppo Reno5 will use a mixture of chipsets - perhaps the S870-powered phone will be part of that line. Or perhaps it's the vanilla Find X3.

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  • Anonymous

kanaaka, 24 Nov 2020the reason phone makers still produce curved display on the... moreNo.

1) with curved screen they can claim higher screen/body %.
2) curved screens give them much more money when replaced.

I remember the owner of a repair shop told me in january 2019 that price to replace s8 screen was enough to buy a brand new Moto G (last generation that was available back then).
The screen + service was about 30% of the price S8 was announced here.

Curved screen can cost up to $40 more than its flat counterpart.
Cutouts increase price too.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020My OG 865 GPU is running 900mhz already thanks to an overcl... moreWhats the point of that oc without a cooler?

  • Markymark

Sounds interesting apart from for sim reason the latest renditions of the Reno series used inferior chipsets to the Reno 10x zoom flagship they released on 2019 not sure why,there marketing is a bit all over the place & confusing for the consumer with not having a flagship series of phones that stay top specs

  • Ry

Not a single comment about the under screen front camera? Lol.. It's the most obvious thing about this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2020I don't agree with you. This design is amazingly good ... moreWait, sorry. I corrected. After I looked closely, it turned out that the backs of the cellphones to the right and left were not curved. So my conclusion is this design is masculine, but not ergonomic.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020Terrible design. Did they not see the feedback people had f... moreI don't agree with you. This design is amazingly good and very masculine. Bezel less and ergonomic. The most important thing is to keep the back of the phone curved on all four sides. That's factors that must be considered in designing a cell phone. And it looks like Oppo has done well.

kanaaka, 24 Nov 2020the reason phone makers still produce curved display on the... moreMost phone geeks live on their bubbles (or their parent's basement) and don't go out often.

the reason phone makers still produce curved display on their flagship phone is because people like it. I know, for anyone who regulary visit tech website like gsmarena or others are geek, and geek tends to hate curved screen, so there's so many comments here that against a curved display because it's bad from usability standpoint which is most of us here care about. but when i asks my friends which is less tech geek than i am, they tends to prefer curved display than the flat display because it's looks good and justifying the high price tag, if they paid for such an expensive phone, they want it to be stand out, not only from internal specs, but the overall looks, and curved display is very stand out.

are they intent to frying the phone? even laptop chips only goes with 1GHz, and even gaming chip still lingering on 2.9GHz, and phone chip goes for 3.2GHz? that's already on the level of gaming chip and desktop, that's gotta be hot

If that X3 render is accurate it will be one of the worst smartphone ever...
The curved edge is an horror we should seriously stop and at the same time the back side edges are straights which will be bad for holding the phone.
Just put a flat display and use those curves on the back, even 2.5D curves are stupid, just put a real flat display FFS.

Then there is this camera setup, first, why the stupid camera bump ? Just make the phone thicker so there isn't a bump anymore c'mon !
And those 3 camera, none look like a periscope telephoto, why one would use a flat telephoto (or no telephoto) in 2020 Flagship ?
Two camera should be enough, a continuous zoom from Ultra-Wide to Wide/Standard, and one continuous zoom from Standard/Wide to Telephoto that also have Portrait and Macro.
Also, wasn't the horizontal camera arrangement of phones like the Galaxy S10, LG V50/V60 and Meizu 16/17 considered the best/most preferred ? Why the asymmetric arrangement ?

Why that speaker make a dent on the display ? Just put real borders like the Poco F2 Pro.
I'd go as far as saying the best top/lower bezel/border are the one from the two Lenovo Legion as they are large enough to host stereo front firing speakers, and could host ambiant light and proximity sensors (providing the company was smart enough to not put them underdisplay despite having way more than enough free space) rather than the less efficient underdisplay ones.
And they are slim enough to be totally modern and give a good fulldisplay.
Not again this underdisplay camera thing, just put a new kind of pop up or ditch the front camera and use a great solution for using the main rear camera in the front, we need smartphones like that, every phones already plan to use this underdisplay camera gimmick, wasn't the Find X serie made for innovation not for making a totally average smartphone ?

More importantly :

Just because few idiots removed it to copy Apple who only did that for selling wireless craps, doesn't mean it have become a norm, it is still abnormal and against what users what !

I have x2pro and better to say I am super excited for the new x3 pro (or whatever they call the top best on out of x3 series). anyone played or owned x2pro knows how excitement x3 will bring too. My new best company. Huawei let me down on screens. Poor screen in 1300eur mate40pro+. They must be mad!!!!!! How hard is it to buy some better screens off samsung like oppo? oppo does it and with some tweaks even overdoes samsung and has best final product panels on a screen (x2pro). looks like huawei has less power or money or methods do do it ? no. I was pissed, and left.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020Cheaper to Qualcomm to just use same chip at higher clock f... moreYeah good for Qualcomm, but manipulative.

  • Joshua9858

That X3... what a stupid design lol. When Will they get that that curved screens are horrible..

We've already had an overclocked 865, it was the 865+. So now yet another one. Qualcomm are getting lazy

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 23 Nov 2020Bruh that's an 865++ not an 870 what on Earth is wrong... moreCheaper to Qualcomm to just use same chip at higher clock for even higher price than 865+ than designing a whole new chip to be the "new 808".

I guess this 870 model will come with active PC cooling or otherwise it's pretty pointless to have chip that throttles to 50% after 5 minutes.

  • Anonymous

Terrible design. Did they not see the feedback people had for Mate 30 Pro and Motorola Edge+?

Bruh that's an 865++ not an 870 what on Earth is wrong with Qualcomm.

Dometalican, 23 Nov 2020So...the Snapdragon 865+ is chopped liver? What's the ... more865+ but with even hight clock counts

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020I bet the 870 will use the 5nm process because if its still... moreI don't think you understand how overclocking works