The Poco M3 is rumored to launch in Europe at around €150, will have a 48 MP camera

23 November 2020
The M2 missed the Old Continent entirely, but the M3 is coming with a 6.53" screen and Snapdragon 662 chipset.

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  • jazzpow

like da price except da size too big .. try some 5.8invcher

  • ne povem

So. This phone will cost a bit less than the TWO year old Mi A2.
Yes it will have a bigger battery, but will have a plastic case instead of aluminum one. Also the CPU is worse that the one in TWO year old Mi A2. I don't call this a progress.

  • Anonymous

sd662 dont look so good.
Redmi note 9 5G seems to be on the same price range or not so much more expensive and i have more faith in Dimensity 800U. These phones probably get only 1-1.5 years or updates anyways so better to have better hardware

Steve, 24 Nov 2020i got me the 8/128 for about 165 euro's on the 11.11 p... moreGreat. U will enjoy.

  • Anonymous

Steve, 24 Nov 2020i got me the 8/128 for about 165 euro's on the 11.11 p... morer u satisfied & happy with ur new phone Realme 7 ?
any little or serious problem with it
everything okay on it ?

  • Anonymous

Poco X3 Nfc facing with some of issues, bugs & problems
why don't listen to ppl that put their opnions in poco x3 nfc topic.
bring some good update for it.
God Bless you🙏

  • Steve

Alex 94, 23 Nov 2020Realme 7 64/4 gb is also great choice. Have better soc and ... morei got me the 8/128 for about 165 euro's on the 11.11 promos.
Although the official realme store is slow to ship.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2020so phone must have NFC 100 PERCENT6/128

must come with faster charger respectively
22.5W UFS 2.1
25W UFS 2.2

  • Anonymous

so phone must have

  • Himadri

that eMMC 5.1 has ruined the phone

  • Anonymous

They single handedly offer value for money in midrange with poco x3 ... Even narzo 20 pro cannot do anything..

This like an immediate response from poco to Narzo 20 ... At least in my market ...

And im more interesting if this will offer a stereo setup as some rumor have it.

  • Anonymous

Ugh another giga screen.

For the rest looks fine

  • amIright

another huge phone. :( nearly impossible to find

Realme 7 64/4 gb is also great choice. Have better soc and 90hz display and costs just 179€ with 3 year warranty. It's rly great deal

  • Dude

X3 is available for less than 200. This phone is dead in the water.

  • blabla

And why do people compare list price of M3 with sales price of X3? M3 will go down in price as well.

  • sq2013

Just clicked on the source and it suggests 18w charging. Not great if you are in a bit of a rush.

  • sq2013

Fifty euros is a lot of money to some people. You can't really get the pocophone x3 below 200. There's some compromise of course but not a lot really. Performance won't be a million miles apart. I think that with a 6000mah battery, the charging speed is pretty important on this. If it's below 20w charging and not USB type c, it's going to be a problem.

  • Anonymous

Lack of ufs storage is a big performance hit. Better go for the X3 unless you are on a really tight budget.

You can buy Poco X3 even under 200€ so M3 is expensive.