Moto G 5G arrives in India, sales begin December 7

30 November 2020
It debuts as India's most affordable 5G ready phone.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020Where is 5g in India? Why would one buy when there is no 5gBecause 5G will be launched next year and most people use a new phone for atleast 2 to 3 years.

  • Anonymous

Where is 5g in India? Why would one buy when there is no 5g

  • Anonymous

Later , 30 Nov 2020I noticed it weighs 212 gms... Is it not too heavy ? Any... moreYeah it's kinda heavy
But that's y it's got a 5000mah battery.
And regarding the weight, u'll get used to it eventually. And moreover as a user u aren't loosing anything , rather you are gaining good battery backup

Later , 30 Nov 2020No 90 Hz , which is very sad ! So, this device is not for you or your market who really care of refresh rate. My friend bought 120hz Note 20 Ultra and he doesn't even notice when I changed the screen to 60hz secretly and for me because I am not a gamer, 60Hz screen is no problem.

  • Later

No 90 Hz , which is very sad !

  • Later

I noticed it weighs 212 gms... Is it not too heavy ?

Anything upwards of 200 grams must be heavy !

  • Mdev

A solid phone designed keeping normal user in mind rather than trying gimmick to please the tech community. A good hardware which will survive up to min 2 years without lag. But moto should add compass which is very usefull in day to day life.
I don't like frequent upgrade either in OS nor APP which will make the phone unusable. Only one OS with considerable upgrade probably after 1.5 year is good enough (android 13).

  • Anonymous

Does it have non-internet radio? I miss listing to late night kishore kumar songs.

  • AnonD-948658

Notesh, 30 Nov 2020What is moto update policy? What is the use of 5g phone in ... moreI think this phone will only get one software update

  • Anonymous

Why downgrade from 21:9

So close to a perfect phone but missed by it without high refresh rate and Android 11

What is moto update policy? What is the use of 5g phone in India without enough 5g infrastructure? By the time 5g becomes common, this phone will stop getting updates, so its sad.

  • Anna

5G is still non-existent in India. Fully functional 5G service for all public won't be available till 2022. Not sure, why all these brands are launching their 5G smartphones and people are buying them at this point. Over the period, by the time of actual availability of 5G services, prices of these handsets will surely come down.

Minor incremental update in terms of a mid mid-ranger.
IMO, this should be ideally priced around ₹18,999/-

PS: If you look at the product shots up-close especially the side rails, it seems like the Moto G5+ of back in the day awoke from its slumber and put on new clothes & upgraded itself with whatever it could lay its hand on :-)

  • AnonD-964130

Not bad ,but not great too...highlight is 5G and sd750G,reasonable price specs are average

  • Mahagandu S.Shreyas

M51 is better except chipset...

  • Anonymous

Motorola dropped s#!t in India. Traded the 8mp ultrawide for a 2kp depth sensor.

  • Anonymous

Now android 11 will be counted as 1 upgrade as they promise on their midrangers... Will it receive android 12?

  • Moto

Too expensive. Triple camera, no refresh rate, no amoled display. No one will buy this phone. Just a wastage of money

  • Anonymous

Price is no doubt competitive. They made few cuts like lcd panel instead of amoled. With 5G tech with atleast 1 year ahead in India.
My personal choice would be Samsung M51 with big battery, amoled n 64 mp camera and faster charging.