ZTE Blade 20 Pro 5G now official with Snapdragon 765G and 64MP quad camera

30 November 2020
ZTE's latest 5G midranger also packs a sizeable 6.47-inch AMOLED with an in-display fingerprint scanner and 4,000 mAh battery.

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  • 02 Dec 2020

6sxred, 30 Nov 2020Yeah they definitely need to learn how to make compact phon... moreSo u think apple is dumb that they introduced a phone with 5.4" screen?

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    • 01 Dec 2020

    GSM Boy, 01 Dec 2020Yes, I completely agree, but nontech people would have the ... moreThe raging part is when you know that something like the main sensor of the Meizu 16 is a 12Mp Sony IMX380 and its secondary a 20Mp Sony IMX360, that both give good pictures (they aren't the best, but they are way better than 2Mp or 5Mp cameras) and that the spare replacement of the two camera (they come together) is like 12$, which is after the seller made his margin and account the shipping cost...
    And the 2Mp and 5Mp are for sure not free, this mean that for around 10$ (which is really inexpensive) we could have two 12Mp sensors, but we are still stuck with 2Mp ones...

    And yes, that's what I have against smartphones, they lack diversity, they lack choices, they all copy each others, often what they do isn't what most peoples want, it is just want the other do.
    In early 2018, Android was the most diversified smartphone ecosystem, there was so many differences while there also was way less features and on the other hand, Apple made all its smartphones basically the same.
    Then they released the iPhone X, and while the notch started to emerge, the pop up and the punch holes were coming, it was the golden age, ok many didn't liked the notch, but there was so many options, there was phones with tons of different features and designs.
    Now, Apple by providing one phone (the SE) with bezels, another with a notch (the 12) and a smaller body (the 12 mini) literally offer more diversity with 3 phones alone than the whole Android market, because the 5% of phones with something else than punch holes and notches can't just be consider "choices" because of low few there are.
    Simply because all smartphone makers copy each others, in fact the situation did come from them trying to copy the Apple Notch that was so terribly bad on Android that they shrunk it into the teardrop and morphed it into the punch hole.

    And the same apply for the main cameras.
    Obviously the better choice would be to have two main camera with continuous variable zoom :
    One from Wide/Standard to Ultra-Wide.
    Another from Wide/Standard to 5x or more Telephoto.
    And the obvious thing would be to use a periscope style Telephoto that allow a deep range of focus and combine both Portrait (shallow depth of field) and Macro (shallow depth of field and super close focus distance) into the Telephoto.

    I am not a photography expert, but I understand that putting the Macro with the Ultra-Wide is completely stupid, because the Ultra-Wide obviously have a short focal length, and the shorter it is, the closer the focus distance need to be for taking Macro, and at the same time, it have a deep depth of field, meaning that even with a 2mm minimum focus distance (and it is usually 5mm) the actual usable focus distance is way further making it bad for real Macro.
    On the other hand, the Telephoto with magnification allow for longer required range for taking a Macro, or allow to get close to get even more details and bigger shot.
    Yet, not a single Telephoto have a Macro mode, there is the Poco F2 Pro who have a dedicated Macro with a 2x zoom, but it is not the same at all.
    They insist on either putting it as an independent sensor with always either 2Mp or 5Mp but never more, or in the Ultra-Wide.
    And I am sure it is only because one did that and they all followed on either of those variations.
    Even the Mi 10 Ultra which is probably the phone with the best camera setup (not just for the quality, but for the different lens types) have the Macro with the Ultra-Wide.
    Despite all real Macro lenses being of longer focal length than a simple Wide, and some having quite long one, easily getting to 180mm.

      AnonD-909757, 30 Nov 2020How hard is it really to just NOT put a 2Mp sensor and to e... moreYes, I completely agree, but nontech people would have the reasoning that more is better. I think Xiaomi and Samsung should lead the way in order for other companies to follow suit.

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        • 30 Nov 2020

        How hard is it really to just NOT put a 2Mp sensor and to either use a 12Mp or none ?
        Same for the Ultra-Wide, any sensor under 12Mp is already a sin regardless of the lens type, but an Ultra-Wide under 12Mp is at crime against mankind level !


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            • 30 Nov 2020

            if its under 300 euros, i will but it

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              • 30 Nov 2020

              Android 10 and 2 mo macro and depth cameras
              Such a nice phone

                Decent size, not stupidly big.
                Shame about the 1 good camera and 3 placeholders though, this is a mid-range phone I guess and should be priced accordingly but honestly, if you're only going to put one usable camera on it, only fit one.

                  6sxred, 30 Nov 2020Yeah they definitely need to learn how to make compact phon... moreI have average sized hands and prefer compact smartphones. Maybe not small things like the older iPhones (I think they were like 4.8" lol). But 5.8"-6.2" phones are perfect for me, and many others. Way easier to use one handed. Stop discriminating against people who prefer smaller phones.

                    indlvarn, 30 Nov 2020Motorola, Xiaomi and others watch and learn, how to make a ... moreYeah they definitely need to learn how to make compact phones for the 1% of their market that has small hands.

                      a xiaomi mi note 10 lite! but worse

                        Motorola, Xiaomi and others watch and learn, how to make a phone which is not too big and heavy.