Lenovo officially teases Lemon K12 Series, to be announced December 9

30 November 2020
The phone was teased just last week, and one of the models was recently spotted going through the FCC.

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Hi lenovo, just want to ask if there is variant of lenovo k12 note for 6gb ram?

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2020Lenovo Lemon serie is a old serie which used in many years ... moreThat vacant spot left by Huawei is where Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus is chasing.

TheBearJew, 01 Dec 2020Playing with fire with that nameLol exactly what I was thinking. Lemon is just a very bad choice. Well, come to think of this, The S5 Pro I bought from them had a ton of bugs, what i'd call a lemon, had to return and just get an iphone.

  • Pro minecrafter

Think so this mobile could be the game-changer for lenevo in smartphones category catogery

  • TheBearJew

Playing with fire with that name

  • Anonymous

Buying a "lemon" usually means buying something defective. A poor choice of name.

  • Anonymous

Lenovo Lemon serie is a old serie which used in many years ago,at around 2012-2014,when iPhone 4/4S/5 leading the Chinese smartphone market and many company join the competition.
But Lenovo's phone sell very bad in Chinese market,market share down to below 1%,they only release gaming phone(no Motorola phone release too) in China in the past year.
Since Huawei have huge problem recently,nearly 40% Chinese market share is vacant´╝îthats why Lenovo start to release mid and enter level in China again----at least they can regain some market share

  • Anonymous

Sounds like a great name for an outdated phone with low specs, that or "slug"

  • Anonymous

lemon is a bad name