Realme Buds Air Pro review

06 December 2020
One of the cheapest truly wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation are great at sound too.

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  • David

Can you pair this on iPhone SE 2020?

  • AndrewJohn

I like how Realme collaborates with mediatek to deliver R series chipsets for these smartphones. Besides, the audio quality is really powerful.

appreciate the internals and specs but, design is just a "copied air pods". realme,don't make COPY products. put some effort and create your own signature design. that's still the flaw of most chinese companies.

  • Amii

The close opening mechanism have some problem.. when i keep the downward position .. it automatically closing... It is not holding in the open position

  • Milan patel 70219166

Don't buy any product of realme , service is very bad, my realme air buds i buy it for 4000 and now it is not working it's now 4 months only and service center is not replacing the product also and service center person are very rud .......
Don't buy any product I don't get service

  • hemant

all sensor support to I phone ?

  • Ishmael Zabi

ddhingra, 07 Dec 2020What about the microphones and the call quality?does it hav... moreSoundcore Lifenote is much better. I'm using them. Trust me they are just awesome for phone calls and clarity. Check it out bro.

  • ddhingra

What about the microphones and the call quality?does it have any extra mics for noise cancellation during calls?

  • UncleRoger

Mikey, 06 Dec 2020 I'm using realme X50 5g phone. should I go for Realm... moreGo for Realme Air. It's better than Realme Buds Q.

  • Nasir Jamal Abbasi

Is that able to connect with two devices at the same time ?
Duel pair ?
Thank you.

  • Rvi

Apart from the sound quality and battery life.. the buds are too fragile and build quality wise they stop working

I love how this earbuds' name is both somewhat copying Galaxy Buds and Airpods

  • Mikey

I'm using realme X50 5g phone. should I go for Realme Buds Air or Realme Buds Q?

Please advise.

The main reason I think people buy Tws, with stem, Is they want good call quality. But that part is skipped In the review. Why?

Ramesh, 06 Dec 2020Hi GSMArena, very good review. But skipped the call quality... moreTotally agree with you.

  • Ramesh

Hi GSMArena, very good review. But skipped the call quality part. I look forward on the call clarity and quality part. How many mics are there? How do they perform in noisy environments, the call quality in such noisy environments. Please post about it.

  • Anonymous

Nothing mentioned about call quality or mic quality without which review is incomplete

Is it better than oppo enco w51

  • Anonymous

Is this really good?

okay, it seems stem is the trend now
but this one is too long