Omdia: Quad-cam smartphones have become the most popular among consumers

01 December 2020
Chinese companies are more aggressive in the multi-cam approach.

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Sannu , 03 Dec 2020Vivo moblie is the best. Bettery backup is goodOk sar.

  • Sannu

Mediatek sux, 02 Dec 2020Good luck then.Vivo moblie is the best. Bettery backup is good

Mediatek sux, 02 Dec 2020Good luck then.Thank you ! 😏

  • MobileMan

AnonD-804996, 02 Dec 2020I still have just one on iPhone XR and don't really fe... moreUltraWide does make a big difference ( You need to see it to believe , I cant think any mobile without it ) , if you don't have one you wont know its importance , at several places I have used UltraWide to give Context to my images as it brings more of the scene , I believe now Mobiles should have 4 Focal Lenghts that is - 0.6x UWide , 1x Wide Primary , 2 - 2.5x Telescopic , 5x Periscope , Just use UWide for Macro shots.

Demongornot, 02 Dec 2020I haven't revealed most of them actually, as they are ... moreGood luck then.

  • Anonymous

TheAccountant, 02 Dec 2020one big sensor is always better than 4, 5 or even 6 tiny se... moreit's all about the numbers for marketing. More of everything is better to catch more of the dumb fish. More RAM or more storage or bigger screen or just more cameras. Like most of the low end phones that come with 4-6GB ram but is useless cause the CPU is weak and old that gets you under 80 000 Antutu benchmark score. Basically 3GB would be more then enough for these bricks that can do pretty much everything except gaming so you dont need that much ram on them. But well it's the numbers game so if there are more RAM and storage then it's easier to catch the dumb fish

AnonD-964130, 02 Dec 2020Every phone almost comes with quad consumers have ... moreExactly. I believe consumers interested to buy phones with quad camera because the phone have adequate specs instead of the camera count. Since most of reasonably specced phones are using quad camera system, so there you go.

  • MobileMan

Quad Cam is way to go ,

But not like OnePlus Nord or other phones of 48 + 8 +2 + 2 configuration , its a Cruel Joke on Customers , small sensors used , but just cover the depth ( Nord ) & you get Portrait from Main Cam. Both are just for count , just use the ultra wide for Macro ( Its done in flagships like Realme X50 Pro etc. ) then why ??

So almost all phones are Just Dual Cam. Many Cheap US $ 100 phones come with dual ( UW & Wide ) & they actually don't miss anything much then say US $ 300 - 350 OnePlus Nord or many Xiaomis , Realmes , VIvos or Oppos , except Main Camera Processing there is no real difference. Most UWides are 8MP instead of at least 1/2.8" 32 or 16 MP sensors ( I am talking bare minimum ) , otherwise for UWide at least an 1/2" Sensor is must or same sensor as Primary.

Literally no one provides Telephoto ( 2x or 2.5x or 5x ) now barring "Few" Flagships , One of the Reasons Realme 6 Pro is on best camera list of 2020 , there are many people here commenting 2x Zoom is useless as they have never used one , but it does make a big big difference. I am still not sure how useful 5x is but its there , best quad cam. should be Main Cam ( Big sensor ) , UWide 1/2" Min , 2 or 2.5x Optical & 5x Optical , with 2 selfie cams wide & UWide

  • Anonymous

In other news, the sky is blue.

  • Anonymous

it's not consumers''s manufacturers' rulebook to put 4 useless cameras in every single phone.macro and depth are just waste of space.

  • AnonD-804996

I still have just one on iPhone XR and don't really feel the need for anything else. Maybe wide one to capture more at shorter limited distances, but it's not really a necessity. Just cramming more useless cameras for the sake of having more of them is just pointless.

Another unfortunate gimmick that becomes a standard and increases phone prices without giving real benefits. When a high res main cam is paired with depth sensor, 2MP macro, and a b/w camera, it is essentially just a single camera. These extra cheap useless components are just there to trick people into paying more money for nothing. Google has shown that all of those features can be done via software, thus real useful extra cameras are those that have different focal lengths (ultra wide and tele photo).

If I want a quad camera on a smartphone, I definitely don't want a useless macro and depth sensor. Give me the main wide, ultrawide, and two telephotos with two different focal lengths all day long. Thank God to Vivo for starting such a trend with the X30 Pro from last year. I'm not gonna include the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 because the secondary 5x zoom camera basically borrows the data from the main sensor.

  • Anonymous

Hahahaa. I seen fanbois mock iPhone 11 with its camera placements calling it ugly pos.

Now it appears on android "iPhone" as well. The jokes on them.

Quad-cam is a joke, a cruel joke! on most phones, you will find a 48+8+2+2 setup. where the last 2+2 is just a NUMBER, even one of them is NOT a camera at all, it's a depth sensor. and who cares for a 2MP macro? 8MP wide-angle is another cruelty! so it's not about the popularity of the quad-cam setup, it's all about the availability of a Good Quality single or dual-camera phone nowadays. I still use a dual-camera phone and one of them is a depth sensor. so practically it's still a single cam phone. if there is any dual-cam phone with a wide+tele setup hiding the depth sensor beside the PDAF/Laser assistant, I'll definitely go for it. I don't need a gimmicky ultra-wide cam unless it's like Huawei mate40 Pro's 18mm 20MP 1/1.54" camera.

AnonD-955101, 02 Dec 2020It sounds awesome on paper, but in reality something like t... moreThis periscope wouldn't be much different from what the Huawei P40 Pro already have :
Except that rather than one, you have two of them that you can switch at will.
The amount of light is a ratio between sensor size and front element size, if you take a huge front element and work with small sensor, you'll get a lot of light, this is regardless of the inner lenses size.

Mediatek sux, 02 Dec 2020I see you always come up with a lot of solutions. Do you wo... moreI haven't revealed most of them actually, as they are quite valuable, lets say that there is a reason I reveal some of my tech rather than patenting them, in fact same for most of what I do in smartphone related websites.

I am working on a lot of projects, most are programming related, compression algorithms, AI, stock market scripts, etc.
If one day I end up billionaire (and I really am aiming to do so, not just like everyone who say they would like to be rich but don't intend on even trying, but actually plan to make it a reality and it isn't a secondary plan but my main one), I will made my own companies, and one will probably make smartphones, but my plans are quite complicated and some things like this are subject to change.

  • AnonD-955101

Demongornot, 02 Dec 2020Depth could be used for a lot more than Portrait, but not w... moreIt sounds awesome on paper, but in reality something like this is impossible with the current technology. The light sensitivity is gonna be to low to be comparable with a conventional camera module.
P30 pro for example even with a relatively small periscope has a very weak f3.4 ratio.

Demongornot, 02 Dec 2020Depth could be used for a lot more than Portrait, but not w... moreI see you always come up with a lot of solutions. Do you work with any smarpthone brands or plan to do so?

All thanks to the 2mp depth and macro cameras.