Oppo: Reno5 series are coming on December 10

02 December 2020
We expect a vanilla Reno5, a Reno5 Pro, and a Reno5 Pro+.

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  • skywalker

From previous generation, we can say that even Reno is mid range lineup from Oppo, but its price is nowhere in the mid range territory. I think its price can be higher than that of Mi 10T / T Pro

  • Anonymous

I was ver interested in buying Reno5 Pro until I saw no ax support, that's a big misstep for a 2020 flagship, heck we're almost in 2021.

Introducing.... Oppo reno5 pro+ 5G ultra max extreme edition.

  • Anonymous00

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020Wait, so your getting this year's flagship chipset for... moreBut they won't give you the mid range price for all these models lol

  • Anonymous

could have just named them Reno5 Lite, Reno5 and Reno5 Pro... but keep the specs, that way people will think they're buying the base "Reno5" model when it actuality it's the more expensive "Pro" model.

  • Anonymous

Coming up next: The Reno5 Pro+ Plus Ultra Max Extreme Edition 5G+.

  • Anonymous

Wait, so your getting this year's flagship chipset for a midrange device? Thats quite cool

  • Yare Yare

And I just got a second hand Oppo Reno (1st gen) for about $250, and it's a hell of a deal. But the rate of smartphone manufacturer launching new phones are ridiculous now xD. Fyi, the 1st Reno launched in April 2019.

Vanilla Reno5 got a Snapdragon chipset but the Reno5 Pro got a Dimensity chipset? Now this is interesting. Having said that, I do agree with the last paragraph as the Find and Ace series always gets the flagship chipset. Could it be that the Ace series will not be coming this year or Oppo is marketing the Reno as a more affordable 'flagship killer' version of the super-premium Find?