Xiaomi Mi 11 to be the world’s first phone with Snapdragon 888, Redmi to also adopt the SoC

02 December 2020
The company has announced the world debut on all its social media pages.

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  • AnonD-923722
  • Kxf
  • 02 Dec 2020

The design looks like an Iphone 12 inspired camera bump. I hope they keep the curved screens and back. Boxy shape and flat frame makes it uncomfortable to hold the phone. When Xiaomi is very proud to announce they will be the first, it would be very LOL if suddenly Samsung, Realme, and Oppo or even other brands make the first phone with the SD 888. I am just looking forward to how much this Mi 11 costs. Hope Xiaomi don't become like Oneplus. Hope the price is below $700 for the regular/base model

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    • vaS
    • 02 Dec 2020

    i cant even lie they couldve used mi 11's camera module instead of square island.

      Any improvement on the chipset is a welcomed improvement. I hope this will force Apple to come up with something even better than A14