Samsung's One UI 3.0 is rolling out with Android 11, improves both form and function

03 December 2020
The update brings a multitude of customization options as well as visual changes to help you focus (and to make things prettier).

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  • TheTurn
  • pwf
  • 09 Apr 2021

Hi all - yes Wi-Fi direct has been 'disabled' by the not so bright at Samsung, yes they tell you, you can use nearby share (not half as good / doesn't connect with a lot of devices)
Yes, you can still receive files by Wi-Fi direct (from where? pointless Muppets!)
There is a better option I discovered quite by accident.
You can't share directories (like you could with Wi-Fi direct before, only the files in a said directory.
Go to directory containing files you want to copy / share
Select all files
Select share
Choose Bluetooth as method
THEN, phone objects and switches to Wi-Fi direct for faster sharing. I don't know if this works for smaller files, it certainly works for larger files. Et Voila!
Hope it works for you as it does me (S10 to S7 for watching / listening to films & series as I'm working in the man cave)
Cheers - TheTurn

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    • Anonymous
    • Dk$
    • 06 Apr 2021

    Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021(Samsung note 10+) After installed to android 11 One UI 3.0... moreUi is stopping when i make call and i dont receive any voice or nothing

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      • Adam T
      • nw}
      • 31 Mar 2021

      GeorgeR10, 26 Mar 2021Hy! After one ui 3.0 android 11 update i can't share f... moreHi i got a Same problem with my S20 FE after the android 11 the WiFi direct is gone ....... F*ck shakes I can't understand this update .... Makes me angry because I used the WiFi direct the last 2 month I was so satisfied with speed and now nothing ..... I can connect with other devices just I can't send anything... Jesus ....

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        • GeorgeR10
        • fmj
        • 26 Mar 2021

        Hy! After one ui 3.0 android 11 update i can't share files on wifi direct. The wifi direct is no longer in share list. Why Samsung did you broke such a good feature. I used to share via wifi direct huge files on other phone, not Samsung. Is there a workaround or another app maybe? I used wifi direct a lot in past and it's a down for me.
        Please advice!

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          • Joslolo
          • LD2
          • 14 Mar 2021

          I hope Samsung put the Wifi direct back, otherwise they will start to loose popularity.

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            • Gflaz
            • LdT
            • 02 Mar 2021

            It totally p***ses me off when Samsung WiFi Direct is getting removed without user consent. You simply do not remove a feature without a valid reason. Samsung feedback is sorry sorry sorry. Kiss my pooper Samsung. Android 11 F@#- up and should not have been deployed when the one unique feature samsung has is wifi direct getting removed. Older phones running nicely and me have to be bumped down to bluetooth. HOW IS THIS BETTER!!!
            Samsung excuses are unexceptable. This feature from Samsung should not have been removed period. There was nothing wrong with it and caused no issues. They simply dropped the ball and did not do their quality check. Is this the path Samsung is to follow? Maybe a competitor can pick this feature up and thump butt Samsung. The best part suggested by samsung with a data cable to do fast p2p transfer or try blutooth FUCK ME child support. What a dumb work around. Second option with a new phone working slower than the older versions... just stupid.

              Absolutely agree. It's like replacing LED lighting with matches.

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                • Tameem
                • iZJ
                • 12 Feb 2021

                It is really nice to have a new update , but unfortunately when it comes to data sharing , I think it is really annoying to have wi fi direct removed as it was an absolute advantage for Samsung and an aspect other devices do not possess. I hope that the new update they consider have the wi fi direct back to normal as the other options are not as efficient as that.

                Hope my comment reaches the one responsible.

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                  • Aasish
                  • PGs
                  • 07 Feb 2021

                  I can't find maximum power-saving mode.

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                    • Liv
                    • gPP
                    • 01 Feb 2021

                    I didn't want to update my phone, because I loved how it was before. It forced updated the software while I was at work and removed or changed everything user friendly for me.
                    No edge lighting (which I loved), the stupid bubbles replaced chat heads and are now smaller with no number indication just a itty bitty little dot to let you know there's a message, the drop down and volume display look like it was ripped straight from an iPhone, can't open a bubble when my phone is horizontal, the update kicked me out of various accounts I had on my phone.
                    I didn't want this software update, it's crap.

                      F$cking removed wifi direct

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                        • Anonymous
                        • HkH
                        • 18 Jan 2021

                        (Samsung note 10+) After installed to android 11 One UI 3.0, dual messenger got no incoming ring tones but vibration only ! Does anyone have the same issue ? Any solutions ? Thanks

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                          • Alasv
                          • t7X
                          • 16 Jan 2021

                          I hope they fix beauty mode its ugly af on my note 10 plus 512gb camera suck even you off it its still there unlike apple it

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                            • Afgan 609
                            • 8nc
                            • 31 Dec 2020

                            sonu, 05 Dec 2020how is the battery performance or battery backup in UI3.0battery performance is very bad . Full battery takes 19 hour

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                              • Nick
                              • spx
                              • 25 Dec 2020

                              Broms, 16 Dec 2020Hate it (Galaxy S20+). The new notification pulldown is awf... moreHahaha Huawei hahaha, if you want to get rid of samsung just buy OnePlus or Apple

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                                • Broms
                                • BdG
                                • 16 Dec 2020

                                Hate it (Galaxy S20+). The new notification pulldown is awful. And they've removed the option to hide the camera cutout on top of the screen. Watching videos or playing games fullscreen is now completely effed. I'll sell the phone and maybe get a Huawei or something.

                                  Peter, 05 Dec 2020Which update, the last one was in October 2020. Battery lif... moreMine can go a full day without recharge. Just turn on the adaptive power saving.

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                                    • Maki
                                    • 7Xe
                                    • 14 Dec 2020

                                    Nathan, 11 Dec 2020Since update unable to see Edge lighting option, spoke to S... moresame issues here

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                                      • LostGnu
                                      • rKW
                                      • 13 Dec 2020

                                      I don't understand all the stupid praise for OneUI 3.0 from reviewers. It is still a bloated piece of junk, and it does not even have basic options like icon resize or vertical scroll.

                                      At least OneUI 2.5 allowed 3rd party launchers to work. The new update overrides my Nova Launcher desktop options and returns to the default Samsung large icon set every time I return to my home screen.

                                      Makes me wonder if all the positive press was paid for.

                                        • N
                                        • Nathan
                                        • M4b
                                        • 11 Dec 2020

                                        Since update unable to see Edge lighting option, spoke to Samsung and they confirmed this is an issue.
                                        Also the option to remove the black circle in top of screen is also not avaiable