OnePlus reveals when the OnePlus Nord and the 8-series will stop receiving security patches

07 December 2020
The Nord is getting the full three years of support, unlike the Nord N10 and N100. There's no word on the older models.

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  • Anonymous

Subins, 08 Dec 2020No. Security patch is different google play system is diffe... moreUnless a group of hackers specifically target you using the security hole or vulnerability (if it exists) which is not fixed through a security patch, you have nothing to worry about. The likelihood of such a thing happening is 0.00001%.

So lack of security patches don't affect the end user in the real world.
Ppl and several businesses used Intel chipsets for years without issues despite the Spectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities. As I said, unless a team of hackers specifically target you exploiting that security loophole, you are safe.

Ppl continue to fall for marketing gimmicks where they feel if they don't have the latest security patch, they are vulnerable or worse the phone becomes unusable after 2 years. These are the same people that can be hacked using a simple phising link and they are worried about vulnerabilities in the system that are less likely to be a threa

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2020monthly security updates is biggest scam in mobile historyFinally someone intelligent on this forum.
The security updates are promoted heavily in marketing campaigns but in reality are overrated at best.

Subins, 08 Dec 2020Samsung and 4 year update. Joke of the day.He was refering to the Security updates, which is true. Galaxy S7 is an great example of that.

Shadocx, 08 Dec 2020When did I name OnePlus Nord? And it's getting 2 Andr... moreThis article is about the OnePlus Nord, so the extra year of updates is for the Galaxy S10 and up. Even the A51 which is a midrange phone that cost like 300$ if i remember.

  • someone

Subins, 08 Dec 2020Samsung and 4 year update. Joke of the day.ITs not. if you don't follow news then don't comment. S7 received security update recently and that phone is almost 4 years old. And pixel 2 is 3 year old and is already done with updates. Stay away from commenting if you don't know

  • os

Me to I'll stop buy junk that don't have security updates as easy as normal apps on android 11

GAMIRSFM, 08 Dec 2020We are talking about recent phones, you know, ones that cam... moreWhen did I name OnePlus Nord?
And it's getting 2 Android updates and 3 of security if I'm not wrong.

  • Subins

bilalsadain, 08 Dec 2020Samsung provides 4 years of security updates. Samsung and 4 year update. Joke of the day.

  • Subins

Vendhar, 08 Dec 2020But people dont have to worry about security updates for an... moreNo. Security patch is different google play system is different. Security patch fixes the core vulnerability. But google play system update only fixes some stuff which is come under apex.

  • KwantowyYebaka

Meanwhile, the owners of the 7 series are waiting for android 11

bilalsadain, 08 Dec 2020Samsung provides 4 years of security updates. That's only for select models and when a critical security flaw is discovered. Still, 3 years of OS updates and only for flagship "S" series and some "A" series.

  • Vendhar

But people dont have to worry about security updates for android 11 right. As it will be delivered through playstore like app updates. Am I correct?

Bodygard, 08 Dec 2020The best way to ensure you'll have updates for more th... moreSamsung provides 4 years of security updates.

The best way to ensure you'll have updates for more than 2-3 years is either buy an iPhone or you buy an extremely popular android that has a lot of support in xda forums because you'll have lots of roms and security patches for years.
Ex: Oneplus 3, 2016 phone, already has Android 11 with latest security patch.
Of course some roms will have bugs etc but even official software comes with bugs so...

Either apple or xda support, you choose.

Al-Aqsa Lover, 07 Dec 2020Nokia Mateway too buggy for my taste also their phones are a joke

  • someone

ponk87, 07 Dec 2020Well it's official now Samsung is actually the only OE... moreEven Google gurantees only 3 years of any sort of updates. Pixel 2 stopped receiving any sort of updates already. that phone is just 3 years old.
Every one cry about samsung but they are only ones giving security updates. Even S7 received update recently.

  • Quericus

Here are the choices: Want to keep your phone up to 5 years? It's either Apple or Samsung. Can't keep it for that long? There's Google and the rest of the companies. For the record: My iPhone 6 got another iOS 12 security update last week (December 2, 2020). Very good for a 6 year old phone!

D3, 07 Dec 2020It's so sad that people overlook this. After all the ... moreSmartphone is a cash cow market. Business looks for profit, profit comes from selling devices. They don't wanna let you stick along. Definitely not for long.

  • Anonymous

monthly security updates is biggest scam in mobile history

  • CuriousLad95

Shadocx, 08 Dec 2020Dude, the Galaxy Note 8 was a thousand of dollars got only ... moreSamsung only recently announced (Aug 2020) a 3 yrs OS + 5 yrs security support cycle for new devices and it starts with the mid-tier (i.e. Galaxy A51, etc) so those Note 8 and 9's are unfortunately not covered.
Next, not everyone has the luxury to buy new phones in short life-cycles and besides, aesthetic design and camera quality aren't good reasons to jump ship on perfectly capable devices imo. Generational leaps in hardware do not happen in 2-3 yrs time (usually 5+ yrs) so replacing frequently only contribute to e-waste unless the phone is reused. The ideal retention time should at the very least be 3 yrs as covered by security updates and not design or camera shenanigans. Unfortunately, Oneplus is steering it's very capable mid-tier Nord N10 and future Nord-series phones to become software obsolete much sooner than needed and is very telling on where this "community" company is headed.