Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021) leaked by Amazon

09 December 2020
It packs a 48MP quad camera and supports 5G networks.

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  • Just

O u mean Lenovo G Stylus? Motorola is long gone and just a label used by the C(c)P

  • Ridwaan

Aurora Black. How unique xD

AljeanT, 09 Dec 2020Not too bad. Just too bad it's MotorolaMotorola is the best and oldest phone company in the world.

Lool, 09 Dec 2020Ewww hole on screen designA smaller camera hole is better than a larger tear drop and it is far better than a monster size notch. I will take a small hole especially if it means great screen to body ratio.... I barely ever notice the camera hole. It isn't big deal at all. Before I got my Moto G Stylus and Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, I thought it may interfere with enjoying videos but it doesn't at all.

  • Anonymous

Good product

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2020What about 6gb ram , camera should be more it's the sa... moreI have both the moto g power and the moto g stylus. The moto g stylus definitely has the better camera. I ran side by side comparison test. I prefer the stylus over the power but both are great phones.

Icee091, 09 Dec 2020Motorola kind of sucks about updates now. They are better o... moreYou need to be realistic. Nobody is giving you 2 system updates for their budget/midrange line outside of Apple and Pixel if you want to call the pixel 4a (retail $350) and iphone SE 2020 ($400) "budget" phones. 2 update phones are really for expensive flagship phones. 1 update is for midrange. 0 updates is for the budget phones. 99% of people can't even tell the difference between android 10 and 11 different features.

Yogi, 09 Dec 2020Can you please increase ram .why moto launch 4gb ramYou don't need 6gb of ram. I run like 20 apps with my side by side test with my pixel 3a and moto g stylus and they handle it perfectly fine. People shouldn't be opening more apps than that. 4GB RAM isn't an issue at all with a very clean stock Android interface.

knreddy, 09 Dec 2020It is not clear weather the stylus is capacitive type (it i... moreI have the moto g stylus and the stylus is nothing like the cheapy stylus pen that works on regular tablets and phone. I tried the stylus pen on other devices and it doesn't register. It isn't on par with my s-pen but it works very well. It works great for notes, signatures and editing.... If you want to do lot of drawing on autodesk app, it makes more sense to have big screen tablet like my samsung galaxy s6 lite.

Rvmirxz, 09 Dec 2020I'm not upgrading unless they offer #NFC to pay with m... moreNFC is so overrated. I always have my wallet (license and credit cards) on me outside the house. I have NFC on pretty much all my phones and used it a couple times and never wanted to use again. Leaving NFC on all the time drains the battery faster so I would toggle which takes longer than using credit card. My walmart doesn't even accept google pay. My favorite supermarket doesn't either. Only 50% of payment devices have NFC technology. Put the card in, wait a couple seconds and pull the card out. Super fast to use credit card. Lots of credit cards have NFC too.

  • Anonymous

Yogi, 09 Dec 2020Can you please increase ram .why moto launch 4gb ram4GB ram is enough for MOST purposes, even for gaming

  • Anonymous

I only would have bought it with a proper telephoto camera. But again, the stupid depth and macro sensors everywhere.

  • Rvmirxz

I'm not upgrading unless they offer #NFC to pay with my phone using Google pay and wireless charging. I don't mind loosing the phone jack in exchange for wireless charging and Google pay.

  • Chasanpro

Why the Vodka 😝

They go for Ips display and sn675.....

Atleast 730G and 1080P
Why 😭 moto

  • Yogi

Can you please increase ram .why moto launch 4gb ram

It is not clear weather the stylus is capacitive type (it is like any android phone with capacitive pen on market, does not work properly) or inductive type like Samsung Note series with corresponding separate digitiser below the screen.

  • Wimmawehhh

Noob move.. who would buy that?

Motorola kind of sucks about updates now. They are better off on Android one. Only one OS upgrade just isn't even right.

I don’t understand their naming. Shouldn’t there a number after the letter G that lets me know what price category this phone belongs to and how old or new it is?

  • Anonymous

What about 6gb ram , camera should be more it's the same that is in moto go power .