Top 10 most popular reviews of 2020: Q4

29 December 2020
Apple iPhone 12 season, with just enough time left over for a flagship shootout and some long-term reviewing.

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  • Yasvin

You missed sony xperia 1 ii. It got attention by
1.its speed
2.its design

You are right. But you shouldn't have a problem with the article or GSMarena, you should have problem with the companies making em phones.

  • M Praveen Kumar

Pankaj , 29 Dec 2020What about samsung galaxy m51?I have been using for over about 3 weeks now and I have so much to say. First thing-- 1) The display on this device is stunning - not just the quality and the size but the ease with which it's viewable outdoor. Even at less than half brightness, the visibility outdoors is quite clear. 2) The battery alone makes it worth the money. While writing this review, I am on the 6th day of usage (124 hours total, 7 hours screen-on time) since previous charge with 24% battery left. Enough said! What also shocked me when I took it out of the box was how light and well balanced it felt. I have tried several big battery phones but they were always too bulky. It can fully charge in a couple of hours but I prefer slow charging. Fast charging can be switched on or off in the settings.

  • Anonymous

Watching the pic on the website, I find it a joke. Smartphones with many camera optics. I mean the companies don´t let go this feature like the dog the bone. It´s like a car with 20 headlights. Even the cheapest phones make excellent pictures, we are no photo artists, so no need for these The other one is the "premium feeling" ... Why? Doesn´t fit your Rolls Royce? I really hate my Xiaomis becase of the premium alu and glass. They slips out without silicone case. If you drop them, they break. The phones are getting worse and worse. And all look the same too. I find this article simply pointless.

  • Anonymous

Yeah, Mate 40 got attention by: 1) Serious Huawei fanboys 2) Try to find info on how to justify Huawei selling the phone at ridiculously expensive price without GMS.

  • Pankaj

What about samsung galaxy m51?

The best site for introducing technology, thanks a lot of GSM Arana team

  • Anonymous

Weird to see that OnePlus 8T isn't on the list.