You can now buy a refurbished Pixel 3 from $249

09 December 2020
If the $349 Pixel 4a is still too expensive for you, maybe this will work.

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AXZz-D, 25 Jan 2021Ermm refurbished basically means a bargain new phone Man thats wrong.
Refurbrished and brand new is completely opposite.
Refurbrished is made from used materials.
Like when old Iphone 8 were used for making Iphone SE2

    CptPower, 11 Dec 2020Any refurbrished phone no matter the brand is far worse tha... moreErmm refurbished basically means a bargain new phone

      Any refurbrished phone no matter the brand is far worse than a new not refurbrised device.
      Refurbrished means made from used materials.
      This is worse weaker, get heated faster battery is used too and thus is not good at all.

        Huawei P smart 2021 can be bought for 150 bucks and is a lot better device just an example.
        And there are tons of other a lot better phones for less much less money.

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          • Anonymous
          • U{c
          • 11 Dec 2020

          If they give option for replaced old battery with new oem one for even 300$ then good deal, won't buy with old 2year old used battery for more then 100$

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            • emmarbee
            • gLj
            • 11 Dec 2020

            Google's servicing is abysmal! I had given my Pixel for replacing battery, got back the phone with WiFi issues (2.4Ghz stopped working). Worst part is that they refused to accept that it's their mistake!

              Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020EIS has zero to do with the subject. By the way, zenfone ... moreAll 7xx have very weak gpu and bit weaker multicore cpu performance with bit higher single core performance. You would need sd768g to match gpu power of sd835.

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                • Rippy
                • 4rp
                • 10 Dec 2020

                Excellent. I'm still rocking my 3. It's the best phone I've ever had, snappy, reliable, battery life is good, so is photography and it always feels like new not to mention the double cameras on the front.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • mE0
                  • 10 Dec 2020

                  I'd rather buy a brick than buy anything from Google again, their products and services are way below average, and more inline with mediocre at best.

                  I'd even rather buy a smashed up iPhone with the screen missing and chassis twisted, still be a better product to have

                    I had seen these(used condition) on an auction site for around $150. I was tempted.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 6wN
                      • 10 Dec 2020

                      Start away from Pixel. Go for another brand.

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                        • Jack
                        • Y9P
                        • 10 Dec 2020

                        Amazon has been selling renewed Pixel 3's for steep discounts for a while now. Got my Pixel 3 refurbed over a year ago off Amazon for $303!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • jEv
                          • 10 Dec 2020

                          Best pixel phone design so far

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                            • Jimbob
                            • pJP
                            • 10 Dec 2020

                            The last good Pixel phone.... if the 4 had a bigger battery & rear fingerprint + ultrawide it would have been so good but they had to mess things up.

                              Now this looks like a good deal. I don't really like the newer Pixel design, so I'd still be looking at the Pixel 3. The Pixel 3 still remains the best looking Pixel device to date.

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                                • AnonD-923722
                                • sED
                                • 10 Dec 2020

                                Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020EIS has zero to do with the subject. By the way, zenfone ... moreThen why mi 10T Pro has full 144fps support? It is because the chip is powerful enough. 732G is strong enoigh for most users, but the 120hz seems fake. They don't use real hz, but some kind of interpolation frame or fake frames

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                                  • JT5
                                  • 10 Dec 2020

                                  AnonD-923722, 10 Dec 2020It is the chip's fault. 810 powerful enough to run 4k6... moreEIS has zero to do with the subject. By the way, zenfone 6 has EIS for 4K@60, while s10+ does not. Own choice...

                                  If CPU is told to handle QHD@60 screen, it means it can easily handle 1080@90/120.
                                  It is xiaomi fault. UI is full of junk that runs in background like Samsung phones.

                                  All 7xx have better cpu and gpu than old 8xx.

                                  OnePlus Nord N10 with SD690 uses 1080@90 screen.
                                  690 is weaker than 720/730/730G.

                                    The refurbrished pixels are just slightly cheaper here in my country at around $200-219 ish. For around $249 you can now get an LG V50 Korean refurbished set (surprisingly good phone as I bought one myself). Of course if you are buying pixels there won't be much bloatware as compared to other android phones though.

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                                      • gKC
                                      • 10 Dec 2020

                                      Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020If 90/120Hz did not run well on midrange CPUs, then the CPU... moresd 845 can 4k 60 fps

                                        Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020The last great Pixel phone. I like the cooler whites, and t... moreYou mean the Pixel 2 XL?

                                        The 3 has a tiny battery.
                                        The 3 XL has a massive notch.
                                        The 3a is trash all around.
                                        The 3a XL is also trash all around.
                                        The 4 had an even smaller battery than the 3.
                                        The 4 XL was almost perfect except for the bezels being a slight bit bigger than necessary, but still better than a notch, but the bigger issue was the battery.
                                        The 4a and 4a 5G are the same story as the other a-series Pixels.
                                        The 5 is practically a rebranded 4a 5G with a high refresh rate display.