Lenovo announces LePhone K860 quad-core Android smartphone

19 August, 2012
The phone packs a 5-inch HD display and runs on the quad-core Exynos 4412 processor.

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  • AnonD-68020

amazing specs , any one can enjoy both phone and tablet look at this :

  • Yani

AnonD-59596, 20 Aug 2012I thought a 5 inch smartphone was ridiculous until I used one. N... moreNooo.... whhhhyyy???

  • Yani

Marco, 21 Aug 2012No, it doesn't. Actually it looks more like a combo of LG and So... moreI'm with zikolaz on design.
YES, it does look like a Samsung Galaxy S2 copy!
I just hold SGS2 in my hands a few hours ago!
With the name I'm with you, frenglishly it is! :)

  • Marco

zikolaz, 20 Aug 2012It looks a lot like Galaxy S2No, it doesn't. Actually it looks more like a combo of LG and Sony.

The name was a bit sickning though. Reminds me of frenglish (mix of french and english in case someone isn't familiar with it).

  • AnonD-59596

I thought a 5 inch smartphone was ridiculous until I used one. Now I'm a convert.

  • lapax

When mobiles first came out it was all about getting it smaller and smaller. Seems the trend has reversed. Now it's about getting bigger and bigger.

  • zikolaz

It looks a lot like Galaxy S2

  • thecalmcritic

Polo, 19 Aug 2012I think you missed the point that Qualcomm now is making CPUs op... moreThe more critical point is that right now at least Qualcomm are putting out the S4 SDK, so performance and optimizations down the road in that aspect should match or exceed expectations, this time REALISTICALLY and peer verified.

I use i9100g (Ti OMAP 4430) and by no means I'm a huge Snapdragon fan. I wasn't putting the good Exynos 4412 down but on the other hand I don't put much stock into benchies either. I'm just saying that it's not a good idea to use the same SoC when the orig product Note 2 are relatively ensured not just to hold its niche (not a niche anymore...7m and counting sold for the world's 1st "phablet" the og Note) but also to win, thus rendering any albeit a bit specced down competing models w/ "in between" screen sizes (5"? That's .2 over the S III e.g) next to nothing. So if it's gonna be a 5 incher might as well go S4 Pro since Mi Two already covered the 4.3" base? That was it and all...

Overall mobile tech was what I'm talking about before at APQ8064 not raw power. Raw power are useless w/o supporting codes. E.g the og I9100 are w/o hwcomposer right now for CM10 so the i9100g (which has it) gets the nightlies 1st.

What use are benchmarks for other than for rough troubleshooting when you can still play the same games and run the same apps w/ ZERO lag issues?

  • Anonymous

10ATP , 20 Aug 2012One shouldn't make such comments if you didn't want a response. ... morehaha your a weird one you know that right?
yes I'll stick with my 4.3 or lower thanks for asking...pretty sure manufactures are still making phones with displays smaller than 4.5 yeah???
sorry if I insulted you or the phone you have/ are contemplating purchasing.. lol
crack me up!
have a good day mate :)

  • jace

FOR: and another android phone... boring...

= So what do you want? a symbian phone? Make up your mind.
A lot of android phones are coming out because android is better than any OS. Convenient, fast and friendly user. Unlike Blackberry Os or iOS which don't have blue tooth sharing for files.

  • EarlZ

Would be awesome if it came with a dual-SIM feature!

  • Bill

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2012yes,and all are like iphone. except nokiaAll I can say to you is that Nokia has been a huge disappointment since Eflop was made CEO and went further down the bin with the Lumia recycled N9 designs from 2011. Plus Apple didn't invent the rectangle nor are they innovators, they are great salesmen that sell you the privilege of using their badge and logo and thus becoming one of millions of mindless apple minions.

  • Bill

Bill, 20 Aug 2012Better than the pieces of poop coming from Windows, even Blackbe... moreThat should read boring as hell, damn auto correct.

  • Bill

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2012and another android phone... boring...Better than the pieces of poop coming from Windows, even Blackberry looks more exciting that the boring assessment tile 'don't call me metro anymore interface.

  • 10ATP

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2012Do I need to own it??? No.. Have I used the s3 and personally t... moreOne shouldn't make such comments if you didn't want a response. I'm sure you can find other places to voice such an "opinion". Comments like your original post are cliché. It would've been good to have something better from you. Tell us, when you are looking to upgrade and the newer models are now 4.5 and above, are you gonna stick with your old phone or is your "opinion" gonna change? (the question is rhetorical as your opinions have little value in this area)

  • fatbastad

Of course it's candy bar the body fits the shape of display, how many non rectangular TVs do you see. U can only do so much with asthetics. As to size each to there own, as to being Android, well Android has far more diversity than Apple with out a doubt.
Case closed.

  • zedaculous

So when samsung came out with note .. its massive 5.3 inches screen .
i bet every one here dint make that much of a noise..
and also gsmarena suggests note 2 is 5.5

  • how about apple ?

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2012and another android phone... boring...how about apple ? another iphone its really really boring............ but android powered devices are different................

  • Anonim


  • Anonymous

and another android phone... boring...