Oppo Enco W51 TWS Earphones Review

13 December 2020
We test Oppo's true wireless earphones that come with noise cancellation and wireless charging.

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  • 19 Dec 2020

Bought the W51s today. They are alright, sound is warm, bass is a bit lacking, mids are good , sibilance present from moderately high volumes onwards. These are better suited for listening to songs with a lot of vocals. Couldn't check the call quality yet. Notice cancelling is just ok, even the ceiling fan noise creeps in just as it's .enriined here. Touch gestures are hit or miss, especially the double tap for ANC on off. The earbuds get uncomfortable after about 45 mins of usage for me, I'm using the medium sized eartips. Case looks alright , but I'm worried about the stems connected to the earbud, these look REALLY flimsy!! So after putting them into the ear, I was very hesitant to rotate them and adjust them to get the proper fit, for the fear of breaking off the stems, so be VERY gentle when adjusting the buds. Also be very careful when changing the eartips to a different size , cz again , the bud looks flimsy, so I was hesitant to pull out the eartips with full force. Also smaller sized eartips are very difficult to be fitted into the earbud , so mind that as well (unless absolutely needed , stuck to the default/ medium sized eartips that come with the bud out of box, will save you a lot fo trouble and anxiety ). Battery life is pretty short with ANC on , around the 3 hour mark if volume is not too high. Couldn't check the charge times yet. No regrets about the purchase as it offered good value for money but I expected the stem connected to the earbud to be a bit more robust...✌️

    RK, 15 Dec 2020I purchased it 2 months back , now am recommend to you plea... moreOk cool thats what you get for 70us...but how is the sound quality though?

      In Amazon.de 99€.

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        • 15 Dec 2020

        I purchased it 2 months back , now am recommend to you please don't buy this , reason is battery, yes you have to charge your case daily .... Currently am doing that ....I never used oppo product's, first time I tried and they proves..... Please don't buy this .......!

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          • arR
          • 14 Dec 2020

          You should showhow they look in ears including the front view

            That white reno 4 pro really looks drop dead gorgeous😍

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              • 14 Dec 2020

              dexterouz, 14 Dec 2020I am using Oppo Enco W31 TWS, and I am so happy with the pu... moreOther than the codec used, the device used to transmit music doesn't matter since tws has dacs and amps built inside themselves

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                • 14 Dec 2020

                Guys, add supported codecs in specification from next time onwards

                  I am using Oppo Enco W31 TWS, and I am so happy with the purchase. The audio with AAC enabled on my Macbook Pro gives so much of loudness. At night, I have to select just 1 or 2 volume level on my MBP. But if AAC is disabled (to use a mic) then the audio quality drops significantly, so I use MBP inbuilt mic.

                  Be it youtube video, podcast, music, movies. I love it. It gives a decent bass which I love since I like more clarity and some bass.

                  With my Galaxy M31s, audio is equally good, and call quality is good too for both the side.

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                    • 14 Dec 2020

                    iOS.Never.Again, 14 Dec 2020Best sounding budget TWS earphones. lol.... u really trying soo hard, right ?

                      Best sounding budget TWS earphones.