Nokia C1 Plus gets official with Android 10 (Go edition) and €69 price

14 December 2020
This is apparently the cheapest ever Nokia 4G smartphone.

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joe nodden, 03 May 2021And this is relevant in what way. You were pointing out about Blu (Wiko/Gionee)'s phones being cheaper, hence I mentioned why. Also they're much higher than the region I assume you're living in. Not to mention how the prices of phones have drastically increased within a very few years :)

Minu, 30 Apr 2021Blu's phones are actually rebranded Tinno (Wiko)/Gione... moreAnd this is relevant in what way.

joe nodden, 15 Dec 2020$20 isn't even that far off what the price should be. ... moreBlu's phones are actually rebranded Tinno (Wiko)/Gionee phones, and would normally cost twice as the marked price in most other regions (unless you live in the Americas, of course)

  • Khady

abigfanoftechs, 16 Dec 2020In the Android market, the high end compacts are long dead.... morePrice

B, 15 Dec 2020I dont get why they Make small phones with trash specs whil... moreIn the Android market, the high end compacts are long dead.
The days of Sony compacts are not coming back.

joe nodden, 15 Dec 2020Yep and with those costs I estimated it should actually cos... moreHave you taken into account everything ?
From the employee, the time the machines are used and all the cost it is required to cover that including the fact they aren't available for making more profitable products, the certifications, all shipping from base components, end product, packaging, charger, storing cost, ads regardless how little there are, and all that ?
Because if we were to only take the base components cost, yeah, MAYBE you can get as low as 30€/$ if you buy stuff directly out of their factories, but you still have a lot of other expenses.
Even the electricity from the meeting room's lighting when they planned to make this phone have to be taken into account, let alone the production chain lighting when the device is made...
I mean, I could literally reduce the cost of the device to 2€/$ or less if we only consider all the base chemical components, such as sand, crude oil and all that, but it isn't representative.
And we haven't even considered the margin yet, after all they need to make profits, but even with a low margin and minimum profits, the cost can't be 30€/$ for sure.
The Google Glasses margin were clearly over the top, that's for sure it can't be justified from component to end product cost to have that huge of a margin, but here, even if it was 30€/$, a 40€/$ margin is quite reasonable.
A billion worth company doesn't care about making 1€/$ per item except if they expect to sell a massive number of those (which isn't the case here).
And while over the top margin for already expensive devices are indeed a really bad practice (well, for the consumer at least, because capitalism wise it is the best practice), there is still also a minimum profit limit based on the number you plan to sell.
For a small local business that worth less than 20k, small margin are totally acceptable except if they plan on jumping directly to international level, but big companies can't afford that, otherwise it is wasted time and resources.
I'd be more than happy if it could cost way less, so those who don't have much money could afford it, but sadly it isn't possible, even the absolute cheapest and mediocre quality smartphones rarely get close to 30€/$, Kimovil list only one under 30, it is the Cubot J3 at 28, and the next cheapest is the Leagoo T5c at 42€, and those are the absolute cheapest the website can find on all the online shop they look at.
GSMArena phone finder's price slider doesn't even go under 50€/$...

Demongornot, 15 Dec 2020It isn't as simple, there is a minimum price you can&#... moreYep and with those costs I estimated it should actually cost $30.

joe nodden, 15 Dec 2020You realize that thinking in the last sentence is why we ha... moreIt isn't as simple, there is a minimum price you can't get below regardless how cheap you make something, between electricity, salary, shipping, maintenance etc.
There are some costs that even if you had base material for free, use the fastest and cheapest construction method, and tried to make the least profit as possible, you still will get them, so a smartphone with a tactile screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and all that WILL have a minimum cost you can't get under, and this one is already quite cheap.

And this has NOTHING to do with how manufacturers simply inflate artificially the price and make huge margins.
I am against super expensive phones that aren't worth their cost, though I don't complain about ultra phone having ultra price unlike many do, but how cheap do you want this phone to be anyway?

You have to realize that cost to performance/quality isn't linear, when a 1% increase in low end can get you a much better thing, you'd need a 50% cost increase in the high end to achieve similar improvement.
Just look the massive difference between a 200€ and 300€ smartphone compared to an 800€ and 900€ one, that's the difference between a midrange and a flagship killer vs two almost identical flagships.
Now consider that the M3 is way more expensive.
The cheapest M3 I saw is 117€ on AliExpress, this is closer to double the C1 Plus cost, even if the real retailer cost of the C1 Plus will be 80€, it will still be a big difference.

Demongornot, 15 Dec 2020I can still see how and why some people might want this, ma... moreYou realize that thinking in the last sentence is why we have $1500 mid rangers on the market right.

Every other company sees this new lowest end phone is priced that high so they raise their prices just that little bit higher on their phones of a similar price. Then companies with slightly higher end phones raise their prices and the trend continues. These horrible phones flooding the market will hurt people in the long run.

  • Haaaaaasss

Im just here to noice since i saw 69

Rambo99, 15 Dec 2020Yeah, maybe if it had something reasonable in it like the S... moreIt's pure android go phone, and cause of that, it will work perfect. Android go is created for 1gb ram and weaker soc.

T M, 15 Dec 2020With those specs, it will struggle doing any of those tasks. It will not. It's android go phone, so, it will work perfect. U can check reviews, it's a great phone.

  • Indian

Realme c2.
Redmi 8a
Redmi 7

Better choice then this at same cost..

  • 69

69 euro? noice. :-)

sq2013, 15 Dec 2020Who's going to buy it? Just because it's cheap, d... more95 quid my a**. Its over 200 in romania!

€69? When converted to Malaysian Ringgit currency, it cost about the same as Nokia 2720 Flip. I think I know which one I would take, and it's not that nostalgia throwback.

  • B

I dont get why they Make small phones with trash specs while milloin of people want compact with good specs

  • Anonymous

android go should not exist anyway
there are capable phones with good specs running full android at 100 dollars and less than 200
who wants a phone that is incapable of launching an app or two

  • Anna

We are in December 2020 and HMD is still launching new phones with previous generation OS (10) in their newly launched phones. Why? Android 11 is already out for a long time now. Other brands are launching new phones with Android 11 out of the box. It will get only 2 OS updates as per their software update policy. When HMD will learn to launch new phones with latest OS?

Rambo99, 15 Dec 2020Did they really release a phone with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of... more$20 isn't even that far off what the price should be.

BLU managed to sell the BLU R1 HD in 2016 for $60, and that literally had better specs than this. (8MP main sensor capable of 1080p video, vs a 5MP sensor on this capable of only 720p video, 2 gigs of RAM vs 1 gig in this, a 720p display vs the abysmal 480p display on this) We're now 4.5 years in the future and the performance of flagships has quadrupled.

I'd say this should be sold at an absolute maximum of $30.