Samsung Galaxy A72 5G stars in shiny leaked renders

16 December 2020
This is unsurprisingly going to be the successor to the Galaxy A71 5G.

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  • Khurram Shahzad

Hy Sir,
Sir i need this phone A72 5G

  • Mubasher

I am currently using Samsung A51 4g and anxiously waiting for this phone.
Instead of upcoming A52 I will go for this one as it has bigger screen and slightly better camera.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]at least it had quality unlike china phones

  • Samsung Revenant

I have Samsung A71 already four months,after few weeks display broken☹️, after Nokia(ex nickname NokiaSceptic) have returned to Samsung and all is tip-top!
Changing display costs a lot money,so should to look new mid-range samsung soon.
A21s or similar…

  • Anonymous

Still plastic 😑

  • Anonymous

Over price

Really overpriced. Good luck selling at this price.

  • Deendayal

AKSPH, 17 Dec 2020this is so expensive, i will prefer vivo v20 pro or one... moreBoth of them aren't good

  • Prasad

Price should be as per Indian market and competitor brands.


this is so expensive,

i will prefer vivo v20 pro or one plus nord

  • snappy

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2020I think Samsung would provide Exynos 1080 in this device T... moreI really wish they do, because there's also rumors of snapdragon 765G

  • Badsha aziz

Wawo so nice looking nice color and looking good. I don't have money to buy this one..

  • Anonymous

Looks like s20 Fe.
Anyways. Why aren't midrangers ip rated!!!

  • Qwerty

The affordable version of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 😆 Looks good with promising 2021 Exynos chipset and thank god a damn 3.5mm headphone jack!!! 🥳

  • Anonymous

I think Samsung would provide Exynos 1080 in this device
There rumours of

  • Anonymous

MarcosSD, 17 Dec 2020I want Matt finish even if it's plastic+1

Bud, 17 Dec 2020This could be a mega-seller. I hope for 1080 exinos, 7000 m... moreSamsung wouldn't do that.
More realistically, in my opinion, exynos 9825, 4800 mah battery and I agree with you on the camera.

I want Matt finish even if it's plastic

  • Shiny Dave

1.8mm camera bump? Imagine how much extra battery you could fit in with an extra 1.8mm of thickness across the entire frame. Would it be too much of a usability compromise?

  • Anonymous

avwvwvwvwv, 17 Dec 2020$599 for a mid-range? Why priced so high? Should be $499 at... more5G = 🤑🤑