2020 Winners and Losers: Samsung

24 December 2020
Samsung's 2020 was a good one. This is its yearly report card, if you will.

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  • 19 May 2021


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    • 3Rr
    • 31 Jan 2021

    Galaxy S20 FE comes with an exynos chipset in my country.

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      • Sdm
      • 12 Jan 2021

      Anonymous, 26 Dec 2020Samsung are too stupid to realise the market demands of a p... moreI'm not new to bashing on Apple and Samsung, but they litteraly made an s20, which is kind of a Samsung x Sony thing becouse it's more long. Compact af

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        • 01 Jan 2021

        The Pixel 5's screen gap comes up but there's no mention of the S20 FE's widespread touch screen issues? Really? Good on you for sweeping it under the rug. I'm sure Samsung will reward you for doing your bit to mislead consumers with more cherry-picked review units.

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          • 31 Dec 2020

          Gorubso, 30 Dec 2020Article is missleadin S20fe is again with exynos in Europe 4g

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            • 31 Dec 2020

            Wow samsang is my most favourite phone

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              • Gorubso
              • 60$
              • 30 Dec 2020

              Article is missleadin S20fe is again with exynos in Europe

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                • 28 Dec 2020

                lol, 27 Dec 2020Thats the 4G version. The 5G version is an absolute WINNER.That’s the thing. Samsung insists on selling weaker phones in India. SD865 would’ve been an instant hit considering the anti-China sentiments in India. For the upcoming A72 I bet Samsung will once again sell the SD720G 4G variant for an unreasonably high price.

                  PhoneClone, 26 Dec 2020The Note 20 Ultra has a terrible camera. Reviews are biased... moreI would say that you opinion is more biased, I've been using N20U since September and the phone is a beast in every aspect, and focusing issue was there on S20U that's why they put laser autofocus on note series, overall the best flagship of 2020,people already voted here on GSM Arena and so did I.

                    To be honest I usually upgrade every year & have stuck with S10 plus ceramic version oooohh 😂believe more space etc..I haven't a clue about phones but used the S20s but always stay with S10 plus I don't game running android 11 one ui 3.0 & my huawie p20 pro back up phone still feels as fast & great battery Samsung on the other hand not great battery wise for me but then again I'm thick 😉 probably me draining it! Did you like my book 😂✌👍

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                      • 27 Dec 2020

                      2020 was the first year that I didn't upgrade Samsung, and the main reason was their Exynos arrogance. Not a money issue whatsoever. Could buy S20 just for the kicks, but didn't, because I felt betrayed and degraded by Samsung's behavior.
                      I will be extremely deliberate and will do __very__ thorough research before I buy another Samsung flagship. Not just the Exynos issue, but many, many other hardware issues the user forums are full of. I just hope other consumers learn as well.

                        I purchased the M31 from Hong Kong, imported to Canada. Very cool Niche phone.

                          iRajApple, 26 Dec 2020Bring back Exynos 9611. I miss the comments for those articles :)Agreed!

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                            • 27 Dec 2020

                            AnonD-948658, 26 Dec 2020S20 FE has a disappointing 3.3 star rating on Amazon India ... moreThats the 4G version. The 5G version is an absolute WINNER.

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                              • pwv
                              • 26 Dec 2020

                              I also miss an S10e successor, maybe even one from the A line. Last year I wasn't in the market for a new phone but now that I am, I really miss smaller phones by Samsung. Gladly, Google filled these shoes with the 4a and the 5 and even Apple has alternatives, just not Samsung ...

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                                • 8js
                                • 26 Dec 2020

                                Anonymous, 26 Dec 2020Samsung are too stupid to realise the market demands of a p... moreHow is the Samsung's fault? Practically, there's no proper compact phones for Andoird on the premium segment.

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                                  • Kxc
                                  • 26 Dec 2020

                                  I am in Indonesia and here the Samsung S20 FE is using the Exynos 990 and looks like it can't use 5G when it's ready here. So not all S20 FE use snapdragon 865 and I think its just unfair

                                    Anonymous, 26 Dec 2020Pathetic battery life is there on your iPhone 12 mini and i... moreWho’s battery is dead? iPhone 12 mini and se 2020 have not been out for a year and many 2016 SE users are still happy using theirs so you are clearly talking nonsense as per usual :’D

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                                      • nHA
                                      • 26 Dec 2020

                                      Samsung are too stupid to realise the market demands of a proper small compact phone. Well done Apple for cleaning up with the iPhone 12 Mini and screw you Samsung.

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                                        • Aerni68
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                                        • 26 Dec 2020

                                        Where Samsung is really loosing:

                                        108 MP camera: blurry and poor images ar 108MP-level; nonacell binning doesn‘t produce crisp, sharp and brilliant pictures at 100% size (only useable compressed down to full-HD). No suitable image resolution in 16:9 format (i.e. less than 10 Megapixel). The camera performance is inconsistent with extremely poor point-and-shoot capabilities

                                        Product designers at Samsung forget card slot in Galaxy Z Fold 2, give poor Exynos Chip to global versions of S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra. And Note 20 Ultra has a too small battery in combination with bad chip set. Product design at Samsung was mediocre in 2020.