2020 Winners and Losers: Realme

31 December 2020
Realme’s avalanche of 2020 smartphone models certainly had its ups and downs. Here are some of our thoughts.

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  • Aditya Rane
  • g3$
  • 01 Jan 2021

Have the X3 Superzoom. Sorta like the phone given that there is no 5G yet in my region. Even if I spent some more money for buying the X50 Pro, couldn't have used 5G connectivity options.

    i would to see a mid-ranger for the masses with following specifications:
    soc : sd 750g / dimensity 800u / dimensity 1000+ (2.4ghz or more)
    display : 6.5”+ amoled / samoled / oled / led, 120 hz, 1080x1024, hdr10+,
    more than 400 ppi
    screen to
    body ratio : 90% or more

    ram / rom : 6 gb/128 gb, 8 gb/256 gb (expandable)
    sim : dual sim, dual 5g, 4g volte
    body : front- splash resistant gorilla glass
    back- scratch resistant gorilla glass
    camera : rear- 64 mp (main), 13 mp (ultrawide 1230 fov), 8 mp (depth),
    dual led flash
    front- 32 mp (wide) + 5 mp (depth)
    sound : loudspeakers- dolby atmos stereo speakers
    3.5mm jack
    wlan : wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, ax wifi direct, hotspot.
    bluetooth : 5.1 a2dp, le
    battery : more than 5000 mah
    weight :

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      • Anonymous
      • U@G
      • 01 Jan 2021

      Realme 7 pro is really bad and too bad phone, below and below perfirmance, camera is not good, compared to redmi. Build quality is too downgrade. Totally bad quality.

        • N
        • Nicolaus ferdy
        • y$d
        • 01 Jan 2021

        I've already bought realme 7 pro & I really satisfied with the performance of that phone because chipset snapdragen 720G, super amoled, superdart charging 65watt & of couse the price is affordable & worth to be challange with the competitor xiaomi. I think thats the reason I agree with gsmarena chose Realme 7 Pro as a winner, because I'm verry happy with all the upgrade from my old phone to my Realme 7 Pro ✌️

          • B
          • Bobby
          • U@B
          • 01 Jan 2021

          Realme X3 is a good device under 25k segment

            • M
            • Mayank
            • Dkq
            • 01 Jan 2021

            Shahrukh 4120, 31 Dec 2020Mine was realme x3 super zoom but it's not good totall... moreBro realme x3 /x3 superzoom is not bad to such extend. It is a very good phone offering great specs in so less price compared to other companies like mi/OnePlus/Samsung, etc. No one is giving great 855+ processor, decent camera and good display.
            Everything is good except amoded panel.

              • K
              • Karan
              • U{Y
              • 01 Jan 2021

              Mine is realme 7 it's just amazing

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                • Anonymous
                • Jxq
                • 01 Jan 2021

                I guess the only way to make money with Android is the shotgun approach... All these phones look the same to me, I would never buy one of these phones.

                  I was very interested in X50 but the colors turned me off. Still, I would have bought it but availability in the U.S. is almost impossible. I wanted one with a Global ROM but it makes the cost too high.

                    • S
                    • Sheraz banaras
                    • gMx
                    • 31 Dec 2020

                    Real me is the best moblie company forever.. I realy love you real me

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                      • AnonD-973296
                      • GYi
                      • 31 Dec 2020

                      Anonymous, 31 Dec 2020😂😂 lol Realme ui is better than one ui 😂😂stock android trumps them all

                        • S
                        • Shahrukh 4120
                        • rKA
                        • 31 Dec 2020

                        Mine was realme x3 super zoom but it's not good totally lose off money take the phone and return my money 28000 RS 😭

                          • B
                          • Bashar
                          • YQN
                          • 31 Dec 2020

                          Realme c3 is very very bad/loser phone

                            • D
                            • AnonD-972548
                            • p%B
                            • 31 Dec 2020

                            Anonymous, 31 Dec 2020😂😂 lol Realme ui is better than one ui 😂😂On mid-range to low-end models yes.
                            Flagship phones doesn't count, those have enough power in them, that just about any UI is working smoothly.
                            I had a A20e and A50 from Samsung, also a Mi8 SE and Redmi Note 8 Pro from Xiaomi. All lagged and they weren't smooth anymore after just couple of months. Not to mention the initial bloatware.
                            I didn't experienced any of this problems on my current Realme 6 phone. And I am picky guy when it comes to software in phones. If something is not working like in the beginning, is bye bye phone in 4-6 months for me.
                            That is my own experience. And based on this I made that comment.

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                              • Mr.sam
                              • 7j}
                              • 31 Dec 2020

                              Annapoorna, 31 Dec 2020Compare to another this is really nice. Lost of love

                                • V
                                • Vicky
                                • CbB
                                • 31 Dec 2020

                                Last year with realme x2 Pro good flagship killer but thise time realme missing
                                Realme x3 pro not lunch

                                  • A
                                  • Annapoorna
                                  • rJW
                                  • 31 Dec 2020

                                  Korin.D, 31 Dec 2020Lol Compare to another this is really nice.

                                    Indian , 31 Dec 2020Believe me 2 year's ago I thought no one compet Xiaomi... moreLol

                                      IpsDisplay, 31 Dec 2020Wow I didn't know realme destroyed xiaomi's busin... moreExactly Xiaomi is better than realme as per flagship killer

                                        Tanase Adrian, 31 Dec 2020yeah man,like you said the x50 pro 5g is the real flagship ... moreFlagship killers are under $500. X50 Pro is not nor is the S20FE