Samsung announces One UI 3.0 beta program for Galaxy M31

23 December 2020
It's the first M series to smartphone to get Samsung's newest custom Android skin.

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  • m.phonetest

i have m31 and it updated today

  • Anonymous

Net speed low
No Network connection

  • Mariyan

Well after i saw Samsung rolling the one ui 3.0 beta for the a51 only i was really annoyed, but now when i see device from the M series which is lower end than the A series getting the Beta faster im really wondering what the actual F*CK are they doing. Like for real

  • Ganesh

Jeetendra09, 24 Dec 2020Sir u tel today m31 one ui 3.0 and android 11 update but my... moreMy mobile galaxy m31 not a ui 3.0

  • Anonymous

Wifi not connect

  • Boombastic

iOSdroid, 25 Dec 2020You mean M31s has Knox?Yes both m31s and m51 have knox

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2020One ui core is further strip down version which lacks good... moreYou mean M31s has Knox?

  • rishi

mech.., 24 Dec 2020When comes in m31swhen m31s come one ui 3.0

  • Gopi

Is it comes to m21?

  • Anonymous

When for M21

  • Anonymous

When for samsung m30

How mannn!
I am trying for a week but I didn't find a option for update

  • Anonymous

Download "Samsung Members" app which is only available in Galaxy Store. It can not be installed from Google Play Store.
After downloading "Samsung Members" app, you would be required to register/login into the app. After logging in, you would find "One UI Beta Pro Program" on the home page itself. Just touch it and follow the rest procedure. The whole update package is around 1700 MB.
Go for it. It is improved UI than existing one.

  • Jeetendra09

Sir u tel today m31 one ui 3.0 and android 11 update but my moble m31 not their in moble update

  • Anonymous

When for m21

  • Anonymous

When for M30s

  • mech..

When comes in m31s

  • Brahma Reddy. E

Hi I am using m31 how to get that 3ui please suggest me is it good or not

  • Anonymous

Shubham, 23 Dec 2020What about A Series? Now Samsung will neglect their A Serie... moreIts one ui core not full one ui

  • Anonymous

capt, 23 Dec 2020whats the difference between one ui core and one uiOne ui core is further strip down version which lacks good lock theme park and many other features many oneui core devjces except m31s and m51 even lack knox protection plus there are no animations in one ui core