Xiaomi CEO confirms Mi 11 retail box will not come with a charger

26 December 2020
The Mi 11 will be officially unveiled on December 28.

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  • AnonD-972548

In the end all companies will follow this trend. Exactly how it happen with headphone jack.
That is why I always said, there are no good phone companies, just companies who want to make profit.
I am just sad that fanboys exist, who are prepared to say and do anything for their beloved companies.
Even now, people will argue with me that I am too harsh on these companies and is all a business. Yes, it is a business, like a restaurant is a business. Would you go again to the same restaurant if the food wasn't good or if the portions were less than before, but cost the same money?
Customers always have the final word. But, sadly, people will accept this, like they accepted other bad things, so the companies will continue to take and take.

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2020I'm willing to accept this madness only if the retail ... moreAnd how to know the price with charger? Prices of smartphones are increased usually gen to gen. So actually there isn't an effective way to know the price delta between with and without charger. And eventually brands are going to make more profit and a lot of consumers are going to buy a new charger to get that full charging speed advantage.

What's next? Laptops without laptop bricks? Monitors without hdmi cables?

  • botox

I am absolutely sure there is some tax evasion scheme here.

This is what happens when you bend over & let companies do whatever they want.

This is a cover for profits. With this corona virus etc they have the perfect excuse that profits went down.
And another question: with old chargers you might have at home, how will you benefit from 45W, 65W, 100W and more fast charging heh? Because most people the old chargers they have at home are still 10W, 15W, 25W...

I hope the European Union Commission steps up and doesn't allow this kind of moves by the big companies.

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2020I'm willing to accept this madness only if the retail ... moreCompletely agree! So now Xiaomi will be making super fast charging tech, with two batteries inside the phone to charge it even faster but tells us to use old 10W charger? Just wow

When purchasing the phone you shpuld get the option whether you want the charger or not if not then deduct the charger price from the final price but tbh I think saving the environment is a good cover for more profits

  • Anonymous

Apple what have you done :(((((((

  • 7hh

The iGreed disease. They will probably make some bs reason for it

Well... 😕

  • jNO

Our consumer watchdogs must defend us from exploitation by phone manufacturers. Instead of having a discount for buying units without charging bricks, OEMs are completely omitting the accesories and the same time forcing consumers to buy both the phone and charging bricks at heightened prices. There is nothing to do with environmental conservation here because the charger will still be sold in another retail box.

  • Anonymous

I'm willing to accept this madness only if the retail price of the charger is deducted from the phone.. .

  • Anonymous

I will not buy this phone