Motorola Capri Plus appears on Geekbench alongside rumored Motorola Nio

29 December 2020
Both phones are expected to launch in early 2021.

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  • Anonymous

I am waiting for Motorola Capri

  • Motorola User

It would be nice to use Google Pay. I love Motorola, but need this feature in case I forget my wallet.

  • joddee

They radically changed their strategy in putting out a new phone everyday but they are duplicating themselves. That's why it's Crap. Better care about updates politics, for older phones toi

  • Moto Fanboy

Wow Moto is going nuts releasing so many phones and they're all great phones at a great price. But they all look very similar so it's hard to differentiate them. But then that's true of all phones nowadays. Still it's good to have lots of choice. Moto needs to update their phones at least 2 OS updates instead of one but I guess at these budget prices they can't afford to support them as long and need to get people to keep upgrading.

  • Moto Fanboy

Well it's good to see Moto releasing so many

  • Anonymous

662 on the Plus and 460 on the vanilla sounds like Moto E and Moto E Plus, because it would be a downgrade if it was G.

Churning out new devices frequently will not help Motorola. But it is frequent updates to the devices that will help.
Moto should rather concentrate on updating all its line of phones, rather than just giving updates to it's premium offerings.
This is exactly the reason why Xiaomi is making its mark in the market. All of Xiaomi model, be it lowest one or the premium one, all get some or the other updates.

Make Motorola great again !!!!

  • Matt

These results are kinda low for a Snapdragon 662 powered device. Regardless, i wonder where is the Motorola device with the Snapdragon 4 5G that Qualcomm announced it was coming. If the devices powered by Snapdragon 4 5G are expected to be released at the first quarter of 2021, they should have been spotted already. It makes me wary that Qualcomm will disappoint once again and not upgrade from Cortex A73 to Cortex A76 on the low-end.