Cyberpunk 2077 PC game review

31 December 2020
Wake up, Samurai. We have a game to review.

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  • Silvio

ALPHABOY17, 06 Jan 2021I have played this game for 25 hours. First, it set on 4k h... moreBut I think that the 1060 barely meets the minimum requirements. With rx 580 4g, however, I'm enjoying a good playing experience (35fps) at 1080 medium without ray tracing . There are some bugs, the driving mechanics should be improved (but you get used to it), but overall I found that the game is super entertaining.

  • Mason htk

I need new game plus

I have played this game for 25 hours. First, it set on 4k high settings. ON A GTX 1060!
I lowered the resolution to 1080p, lowered the settings to medium!
Unplayable. Period. I am used to play at 20 frames or even 10 frames my whole life, BUT this game is sooo poorly executed that the mouse is unresponsive at that framerate!
Billions of bugs
Incredible blatant and essenceless story. Araska there, Araska this, Arasaka that.
The side missions are awesome, but I was already too tired of it and it's bugs!
You CAN activate Ray-Tracing on a gtx 1660 ti, but it is a slideshow at 1080p. Maybe at 720p is playable.
The game has extremely bad problems, it needs to be rebuilt from the scratch, you can't fix it with "oh a few patches here and there" and other BS like that!
Now I see that there is a DLC coming... FIX THE GAME FIRST!

some Side missions are fine, and the cutely and outside areas truly feel alive and reality based

  • arc rider

Stone , 03 Jan 2021CD Project Red are still technically indie developers who a... moreAnd have reached all their goals. They are on rockstar games level, despite fact their finances are multiple times lesser. This is gta V level game from indie studio

  • Stone

CD Project Red are still technically indie developers who aimed far too high.

  • Anonymous

NotAnOpinion, 31 Dec 2020I do not know where to even start with CP2077. First, it... moreYeah, I feel like they got me too. This game is the most boring FPS game I've ever played. I've put twenty hours into it, and get little of it was actual gameplay. It's a sitting simulator. I really can't believe how often I was forced to sit and listen to the cutscenes. The story is dumb, V is dumb, as are good dialogue choices, and all the side missions seem to be either help the police or help a corpo. Yeah, that's real punk.

  • Dandan

Solid and perhaps the best review I ever read. I came here by accident and will definitely stay tuned for more. Keep it amazing job!

Since when GSM Arena posting game reviews???
Thats something new for me.
And why only this game???
Many games are released each and every moth.

  • Frkkklp

This is a very solid, thorough review with lots of insight and good advice. Thanks

  • Acidman

Brancoale, 01 Jan 2021After amazing Red Dead Redemption 2 AI and NPCs, this game ... moreI wasn't able to play more than 15-20 minutes of rdr2... The game is basically boring... Fighting dynamics is strange, to put it this way...

  • Realdeal

This review is too long like a book I cant read it

After amazing Red Dead Redemption 2 AI and NPCs, this game is totally trash. I hate how the other characters react and interact with you.

  • Warloki

This is probably the best and most unbiased and focused review of the game. Everything you said is true, and you don't go on a ranty tangent giving out about the game. Honestly despite bugs and extremely obvious amount of cuts they made to the game and things they just forgot to add, the game is one of the best I've ever played. Side missions are amazing, and the cutely and outside areas truly feel alive and realistic. If they had another year to develop and weren't afraid of delaying it again they'd have realised something truly game changing. They screwed themselves over by marketing and over hyping the game extremely early and setting completely unrealistic release dates and there was a very clearly lack of communication and divide between the devs and the management.

  • Pandabum

I really enjoy the game! Yes it is annoying having to deal with my PS5 crashing once or twice every few hours but I never lose much only having to travel back to where I finally just got too but as a girl who has 100 hours on the game (I had 54 hours then had to restart after learning about needing johnny at 70% for the other ending) I have a lot of love for the game. Is there bugs? Yes, Glitches? yes. But I don't mind it will fix up over time. If we get the DLC then Ill be happy to play that too. The AI in cars just goes with the theme since people in Nights city are mostly assholes anyway lol. Only thing that bugs me is I randomly died when I climbed onto a bin? That was just annoying but ah well I will get over it lol

  • Anonymous

0 Replayability game with garbage AI, garbage projectile interactions, garbage physics, garbage world where you cant even buy hotdogs at mobile stalls, etc. garbage everything besides its eyecandy graphics.

This is just an example of overhyped game with eyecandy graphics and false ads specially cashgrabbing base PS4/Xbox1 owners by not showing its real performans on said platforms.

  • Anonymous

hmm, 31 Dec 2020I remember Diablo 3 from blizzard which at launch was full ... moreOnly problems ,is Cyberpunk has useless NPCs, and terrible interactions, dialogue and physics which looks like a joke.

Will cd project rewrite the physics, dialogue and NPCs?

No they won't .

  • Nightseer

Yeah, game has its bright side, it us just very unfinished and unpolished. Like street crowd ignoring your drawn guns aiming at them, crowd having only two modes, just normally walk or run away/crouch if there is shooting. AI being absolutely terrible and even passing cars don't know what to do if your car is even 1cm on the road, it creates road jam. Game being totally not subtle about teleporting cops in because AI is incapable of realistic persue. Not yo mention how cops know about you shooting civilian in 0,1ms and instantly teleporting u even from dead end corner. Like I was fighting gang members, shor civilian by mistake and boom 5 cops were immediately there. Like with issues like that, too zoomed in minimal that doesn't zoom out while driving, thus being useless, or items that are impossible to pick up, feel like minor issue. Also not to mention exploits, like simple exploits, allowing you to craft item and break it down to more components than you put into making it or lining talents up to becoming overpowered very quickly, even god mode is doable if you stack right things. It's like game got zero QA testing. Also confirmed by floating NPCs or NPCs walking through objects.

So in a way I am puzzled how quick people are willing to forgive CDPR and call this still good and enjoyable game great, even if it is nowhere near greatness yet and thee is no guarantee if will get there. Because if this was any other big AAA publisher/developer they would get criticized a ton. But CDPR, just because they are considered "good guy" needs to get a pass. Dunno, feels bit hypocritical, if you ask me... and sorry if this offends you but if something is bad, it should be bad no matter who does it, there are no favorites.

Asphalt-nation, 31 Dec 2020The fact that you need a 4000 bucks custom build machine ... moreYou don't need a 4k PC lmao.

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2020Very good review enjoyed it. I still laugh at the cost ... moreNvidia didn't invent ray-tracing, like for example the new AMD cards have ray tracing and same with the new gen consoles, which nvidia has nothing to do with.