Weekly poll results: makers need to drop the 2MP cameras and keep chargers in retail packages

03 January 2021
Those two emerged as the most hated trends of 2020 smartphones. 

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Not sure why people against plastic chassis, other than due to youtubers claiming plastic is "cheap and bad." Herd mentality.

Plastic is light, durable, and with proper treatment, can look and feel premium and solid. It also allows easy RF pass through unlike metal/glass. Look at the weight of iPhones, heavy but small batteries. I'd rather have a plastic phone with large battery while maintaining decent weight.

  • jason

as a samsung user, it makes no odds to me if they remove the charging brick, we have had USB-C for several generations already, the change isnt a big deal, BUT what manufacturers should consider, is offering these as a free addition option at the checkout, so for those that need a brick can benefit of a sales package that will have a seperate charger included in shipping or at the store check out, those that do no need one can simply opt out of this offer, win win, but lets be honest, companies can harp on about the environment all they like but its a cost strategy and cash grab, and nothing more.

  • Anonymous

They should stop releasing phones every year with little to no difference if they really cared about the environment.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 03 Jan 2021Thanks you! Well, you need to already be known, otherwis... moreAre you engineer or something, your work looks like a lot of effort put into it .

Was it a university project or a kinda pet project/hobby, what made you create such complex design.

Anyways I hope you succeed in getting something done with this intricate yet novel concept

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2021Too bad only 6% of Xiaomi no-charger buyers side with you. ... moreWhy is it “too bad”? Could you perhaps elaborate?

  • Russell

Why not people talk about rounded corner shit. I love sharp corner display. Give us some option with sharp corner display, narrow bezel but no hole or notc.

  • Kris

No small size phones are mid price category.
Very worst design.
Copying other phone designs.
No compatabilty in hand.

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2021Great concept Nice work and I appreciate it 👌 Maybe you ... moreThanks you!

Well, you need to already be known, otherwise no one really take you seriously, regardless of your idea.
But those are actually free for anyone to take, there isn't any patent, and I'd be happy if any brand would actually patent and do any of my idea.
I have way much more idea, and even better ones, this is more a "sample" than anything else.

  • Alex

IMO macro/depth cameras should be dropped in favor of useable, varied optics (like a wide angle and a tele)
Also i see features disappearing from phones that i assumed would be standard in 2021, like OIS, NFC and compass.
I mean, my LG G2 had all of these in 2013!

NoAvatar, 03 Jan 2021Yeah, when you mentioned "a similar system can be used... moreOh, I meant that we could combine a rear looking depth sensor with the reflex like mirror to allow it to both be used on the back and on the front without requiring a third sensor on the front and still being able to gather 3D depth data.
Ideally, a structured light projection would be done in the front and a regular Flash LiDAR wide beam on the back, so the same sensor would be used for both, it wouldn't take much to repurpose a high resolution Flash LiDAR to work with Structured Light.

Thanks you!

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 03 Jan 2021Zoom camera lens type would be nice indeed, mainly thanks t... moreGreat concept Nice work and I appreciate it 👌

Maybe you can give it to someone who can fabricate it to see the results?

And sell the design to a manufacturer?

Demongornot, 03 Jan 2021Thank you ! I haven't thought about integrated the ... moreYeah, when you mentioned "a similar system can be used for 3D Time of Flight/Flash LiDAR", I thought maybe you can put another sensor on the other side of the second prism, since it rotates to switch between modes. Of course if that's possible and works properly, I don't know much about this stuff, lol. I hope you have success with it.

Solun1, 03 Jan 2021What I find almost unbelievable is that people hate "u... moreWell, it only common sense. Useless additional parts compete with battery for space 🤷. If you drop them you can get a bigger battery in a small compact phone. One camera with OIS and gcam is all we need.
I'm surprised there is no place to fit your feet on your phone to measure your weight yet😏. But with the current trend that day is not far away.

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2021useless camera module eat out space for battery period.That's nonsense, the amount of space they occupy is tiny and they're placed in a place where battery would never be otherwise. There are phones (e.g. Samsung) with 3000 mAh and 6000 mAh and both models have 5 camera modules.

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2021useless camera module eat out space for battery period.What waste the most the space for battery is making ridiculously thin smartphones, there are many who find them uncomfortable to hold because of how thin there are, a 12mm thickness should be the average, battery capacity would be massively increased.

NoAvatar, 03 Jan 2021Honestly, I'm really intrigued by your concept. Having... moreThank you !

I haven't thought about integrated the depth sensor into the mix, that's a great idea !
I only do it by passion, like my fictional smartphone concept (built around electromagnetic pop up and who ended up serving for tech showcase) :
But since I have improved that single sensor 4 mode design, I haven't yet modeled it though.

  • Anonymous

Solun1, 03 Jan 2021What I find almost unbelievable is that people hate "u... moreuseless camera module eat out space for battery period.

Demongornot, 03 Jan 2021Zoom camera lens type would be nice indeed, mainly thanks t... moreHonestly, I'm really intrigued by your concept. Having 1 really good sensor for 4 modes (Regular wide, Ultra-wide, Tele and Macro) + using that same sensor as front camera and the possibility to add a second sensor for depth or lidar while using the same lenses is awesome.
Are you an engineer or is this your passion? Because it looks really well made to me.

Shui8, 03 Jan 2021There are better & closer macro sample using tele than ... moreYou speak the truth !
Indeed, I'd rather have an Ultra-Wide with autofocus enabling it to take Macro than the 2Mp Macro horror, even 5Mp Macro, except the Poco F2 Pro thanks to his Tele-Macro, but that's an exception.
Of course Telephoto with powerful focus allowing super short focus point would be way better, or 8Mp minimum dedicated Macro, but until we have those I'd also take the Ultra-Wide variant.
This is just that future phones should be built with that in mind because I am sure everyone would prefer to have alongside the Wide and Ultra-Wide a Zoom Telephoto as third cam that double as real Portrait and Macro than having a 2Mp Depth to make fake Brokeh and Macro.

Demongornot, 03 Jan 2021The" first one can barely be called Macro, it is just ... moreThere are better & closer macro sample using tele than those I provided, cant remember the website location.

'Ultra-Wide shouldn't be used for Macro'
- Shouldn't be used or not, the results speak for themselves (At least for now, in smartphone world). Yes the method are different than actual camera world, but its way way better implementation than those dedicated 2mp setup.