Weekly poll: the Xiaomi Mi 11 is the first S888 powered phone, but is that enough to want one?

03 January 2021
The faster chipset enables AI-based video night mode - an improvement, even though the camera is mostly the same. 

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It is not worth it so far the snapdragon 888 seems to be a poor chipset

It get very very hot, poor efficiency for the power it has.. If it were mediatek it would be WORLD News lets see if people will have fair unbiased judgement of Qualcomm

12-15 degrees temperature raise after one antutu is horrible it's close to exynos 990 thermals

And here:

Feels like we have another snapdragon 810 on our hands Unless this is exclusively to xiaomi since its the only 888 available

  • Grasvreter

No stock(ish) android no buy.

Soren Doreri, 03 Jan 2021No charger in the box is okay, i can accept that (hardly). ... moreThey give you an option to have a charger

No headphone jack, no telephoto cam, no micro SD, no IP68 and now no charger in the box.
They'd have to pay me to have it 🤣🤣

uup, 03 Jan 2021Android updates are really really bad phones on Android 11 ... moreWhat Xiaomi phone have u used before you start speaking on it?

Dani2018, 03 Jan 2021I will wait for oneplus 9 pro . For sure a better choice 😜They look ugly as hell

I will wait to see more reviews and more phones with SD888 this phone have a good screen but screen is not everything...i watch and read some reviews.. It heat alots, but again I don't trust Miui... Xiaomi know how to update phones but sometimes it always come with bugs... U can get update to make your phone work perfect today then d next update will make it worst that's why i stay away from xiaomi for sometimes and xiaomi as a phone is not powerful enough when u stay in a place that don't have good network.... Thats why Huawei is my number 1.. Its like Huawei have special thing to draw network near you.... The feelings is Just wonderful... But i wish to try Mi 11 series bcus of this wonderful specs and cheap price... Imo

No charger in the box is okay, i can accept that (hardly).

But No telephoto is not okay at all.

At LEAST must have package of 3 : wide, ultrawide, telephoto

I'll definitely wait for the Mi 11 Pro to come in. Sorry, but I deeply value the telephoto camera.

  • Anonymous

Three brands in 2021 with 4K screen phones.

1iii, V70 and unknown phone.
I bet it is Mate 50 Pro+.

S888? New soc on the market?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-972548, 03 Jan 2021Smartphones above 500EUR, when cheaper phones have become s... moreSame? LOL ...

Compare these:

A51 x S20
10ii x 5ii
Vision+ vs Edge+
Nord vs 8 Pro
10T Lite x 10 Ultra

  • uup

Dennis.K, 03 Jan 2021MIUI is good and updates are fast, i got android 10 in Octo... moreAndroid updates are really really bad phones on Android 11 will be updated as easy as normal updates thru play store , Xiaomi software is a complete mess

I Have a Xiaimi Mi 6, and based on how the Mi 6 Global users were treated with lack of updates for security patches, and stability updates i would buy Xiaomi again. I will try another Brand like Oppo /Realme. Xiaomi is Still Best Budget devices, but when you get your first updates and the fingerprint reader is slower than what it came with, the camera speed to focus got worst, the phone random freezes with the latest "stable" Update, i can't recommend them to users out there. The volume of phones they are releasing is too much to keep up software wise

The bezels are ugly. So no.

  • Anonymous

Dennis.K, 03 Jan 2021MIUI is good and updates are fast, i got android 10 in Octo... moreTheir software is always buggy one way or another

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2021Chinese manufacturers sure care about being first at everyt... moreCouldn't agree more

Yes sute it is enough

  • Anonymous

no periscope no heck no buy

without periscope not even worth considering

  • Anonymous

Will wait till xiaomi comes with the mi11 hardware+ mi10 ultra camera and charging system