Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro leaked renders show massive, different camera island

01 January 2021
It looks nothing like the Mi 11's.

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  • mwa

I wish It had under screen camera ip rating ip68 storage up to 1terabyte and ram up to 16ram

  • Anonymous

Looks like galaxy s21 and p40 pro plus will be the kings of zoom of 2021

  • Leo

Mobsyr, 06 Jan 2021Is it ip68?! Most likely not, unfortunately. But it comes with waterproof rings inside the sim-card, USB-C, and the power button and volume rocker. So, yes, it will be water-resistant, but idk how much. I sure think people will test it, but on the test where it stays 1,5 meters underwater for 30 min, it most likely would not survive, but all of the pouring water on its test should handle that.

  • Anonymous

People keep saying the camera looks ugly. Wait until they get hands on the device. They will like it anyway due to build quality. Doubt someone if they they call the camera ugly by looking at the picture only.

I hope it will have a fast with high sampling time rate barometric sensor.

Is it ip68?!

  • Anonymous

Include 4G B32 =SDL, not everywhere has 5G yet.

  • Roman

Just wow

AnonF-964910, 03 Jan 2021About time we are getting Mi 10 Ultra camera specs to a wor... moreYup, my sentiment exactly, hoping that it will bring the same experience as most of the 99 percent tech reviewers of the mi 10 ultra, mentioned as the best android phone of 2020 "that you can't have". Its quite exciting that you wont have to spend a fortune to own a phone that could go toe to toe with the big 3 in the camera dept.

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2021So funny read all those ohhh you don't need that much.... moretrue, a lot of complaints from people who have not tried Xiaomi and thinking that its over price for its specs, try using 1000 usd plastic 1080 phone, then tell us what is the meaning of over price, haha.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

noo god! no. god. please. no. no!!! no!!! noooooo!!!

  • cherry

These phones are too huge. The best size was mi 9 in 2018 with 6.4". Sadly in 2021 all phones seem to be either 6" or a whooping almost 7" :(

  • Adrian

They took the S20 Ultra camera module and rotate it?!

  • Rifat

The Back design sucks.

  • s7even

is just me or everyone else also feel the camera design is ugly

  • Anonymous

zipzap, 03 Jan 2021no thank you The curved screen is actually just as subtle as the note 20 ultra

  • AnonF-964910

About time we are getting Mi 10 Ultra camera specs to a worldwide phone.

  • zipzap

Modest Mind, 02 Jan 2021Come on Xioami, ditch that stupid curved screen and make th... moreno thank you

TEtech, 03 Jan 2021a tripod wont help the blurry low resBut it'll help in stabilization. Sometimes it comes out blurry because you're zooming and holding it with your hands. Nothing better than a tripod.

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2021In asia nobody cares about pixel. It's only 1 camera.... moreIn Asia, the dual sim is a must.