Motorola Moto G Stylus 2021 looks quite different in a new set of renders

02 January 2021
Apparently the earlier images were fake.

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  • Julian M

Given the processor, ram, display quality (still just LCD), Moto ought to sell this for 200€ but will probably want 350-400 for it - making this thing DOA once again.

sd 675 in this day and age. has motorola lost its mind or what? do they actually want to sell phones? the least they could've done is a sd 730.

  • LeDanZ

Loving my Razer 5G! Great phone and beautiful design!


Could be the Snapdragon 730G or 732G...

Pretty small phone

  • Redwood

I have the 2020 moto G stylus Great phone my wife has the LG 6 stylus it doesn't hold a candle to my moto G. But to bring in the new year we are upgrading, to the 2021 one plus 9 no looking back. Thanks Motorola for the good times.

Motorola Moto company you don't have no mind because big phone 6.81 inch size but battery give 4000mah lol idiot phone and nowadays in 48MP sensor lol.
Realme & Redmi upcoming series have new 108MP sensor launch soon. 48MP🙏👎 4000mah😤

  • Noah

I have the moto g stylus from 2020 and the new one looks completely different

  • SinnerSavedByGrace

I have the previous model and love it!

  • Anonymous

To, 03 Jan 20215g ???Weak planned internal specs here and not worth upgrading my current 2020 Moto G Stylus to this newer phone unless it has:

The QC SD690 with 5G support!
At least 6GB of RAM!
USF 2.2 storage!
A 5000+ mAh battery! 4000 mAh is way too small for a FHD+ screen size of 6.81 inches!
NFC this time around!

  • Dan

Looks decent. Let's see how it stacks up against the Stylo 7.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2021They need to put RAM in their phones? Every one needs to

  • Lee

Good looking phone!

  • Anonymous

They need to put RAM in their phones?

Andreidinutu, 03 Jan 2021Or maybe, I bought it so I know how it is therefore I'... morePress X to doubt. Then again I don't buy crap budget phones, so yeah.

  • Anonymous


Unless they add 5g connection to it i see no reason to buy it over the 2020 version. Same storage size, ram size, screen resolution. Yes screen will be bigger but all that does is kill the battery faster. Want to impress me put 5000 MaH better yet 6000 MaH battery in it.

  • Kang

Moto needs to crash the market by setting new trends, offering value for money, improving build quality & focusing on My UX with customization.

  • Anonymous

wow incrediblly boring

  • PiCosm

Hopefully has wireless charging too. One omission from 2020 model.