Samsung makes January 14 Unpacked event official, welcome to the Everyday Epic

04 January 2021
Samsung's huge Galaxy S21 event will go live on January 14, 16:00 CET.

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Yeah, 1.1x zoom on non-ultra S21s. EPIC!!

Welcome To The 1000usd Plastic Build Epic..................... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

No jack
No sd slot
Plastic back
Camera with warm punchy colours
Screen with warm punchy colours
Camera module looks like door hinge

Cant get any worse than this ...

Flat display is a great improvement but plastic build and FHD display? Is Samsung joking or what- 😃

iRajApple, 04 Jan 2021Announce Exynos 9611 on all flagship phones That will g... more😃😃😃 Don't remind me of that SoC on the much-hyped A51. I actually owned the device, nice screen, if not gimmicky, but ridiculously poor battery life having owned an Honor 8X previously. Seems they will be dropping it for a Dimensity chipset, or worse, another Exynos madness.

Announce Exynos 9611 on all flagship phones

That will get more news coverage/publicity than what new ads might get in a year

  • samsung lover

alternate event name, samsung s21 launch event