Redmi Note 9T specs and EU prices appear, looks like a rebranded Redmi Note 9 5G

04 January 2021
The phone is due to become official globally on January 8.

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  • Lawrence

What 4GB RAM like a 2015 phone? No thanks, 8GB or nothing.

  • Anonymous

Can you guys please stop drawing early conclusions.
Amazon Germany has a big markup vs. the usual online retail prices.
Xiaomi phones generally retail for 20-30% more.

Final sale price will be under 200 Euros for the base model and at flash sales even less, think 150-170...which will make the Redmi Note 9T the cheapest 5G enabled phone Xiaomi has ever shipped so far.

Do you guys seriously think that Xiaomi will throw a phone on the market which finds no buyer? They are smarter than that.

  • Anonymous

Just waiting on the xiaomi redmi note 9 pro 5G global version actually

4gb for 230€? No thanks, Xiaomi have worst ram management with their MIUI 12.

  • Anonymous

"The base model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage will retail for €229.90, while you can get double the storage space (and no additional RAM) if you shell out €269.90."

WTF? You can get Poco X3, which is superior to this phone in every way except for size, in same market for around the same price. What's the point of this phone, Xiaomi?

  • hmm

I dont see a point of this Mi 10i is only 20 euro more expensive and have 120hz display with bigger numbers cameras and probably get more updates then redmi note series. This needs to be under 200 euro to make sense in any way and especially cause of the mi 10i that is pretty much same thing but with slightly better specs

  • Dude

I see what they're doing, targeting Realme with their budget 90hz line-up. But 4GB RAM with an already uber laggy MIU 12, hard pass. Why must they cripple many of their devices in such ways. Also, will this LCD display also utilize PWM for dimming? I'd rather go with Realme then

When is the rebranding event? 😂

Will there also be Note 9T Pro?

  • Anonymous

only 4GB ram?....that is small knowing fully well that MIUI tend to be laggy on budget devices

Why they never use Amoled display ?? At least use them in high end devices

Only 4GB RAM?? Hard pass when you can get the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite for the same price with 6GB RAM

Topping out at 4GB RAM; I was looking at this, but absolutely no chance in hell I'm getting it. Just a way for Xiaomi to protect the more expensive offerings, otherwise I don't see why there shouldn't be, at least, a 6GB RAM variant.

That's actually good

  • AnonD-973296

a rebranded note 9 5G huh, i am not surprised