Here is Samsung's new Over the Horizon theme for the Galaxy S21

05 January 2021
Samsung revamps its heralded ringtone each year before the Galaxy S line comes out.

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Very nice, I like it!

  • Joy

Nice tune

  • Anonymous

It's very boring

  • Anonymous

Awesome 👌

Absolutely boring and not even close to Nokia, Xiaomi and Meizu ring tones.

  • Anonymous

electw, 06 Jan 2021Beautiful tune! Yeah, compared to the nature tunes which were freaking loud. Samsung had now gone with peaceful sound this year. I think this is the best over the horizon ever made! I love it. Peaceful and quiet.

Beautiful tune!

Galaxy S4's S5's is still the best.

  • AK

Over The Horizon 2015 is still ringing in my head.
The Best.

  • Anonymous

Okay, this one sucks!

  • AnonD-973296

AthrunZ, 05 Jan 2021the 2012 version is still my favorite.ah, i see ur a man of culture

  • Suwar

I can't even make this my ringtone.. hahaha

  • AthrunZ

the 2012 version is still my favorite.

It's very meh and quiet and not at all suitable for a ringtone. The best rendition was the one of the S9, by far!

  • Anonymous

This tune might not be audible, even in a mildly noisy environment. This is a key reason why I still use Nokia's 'intro' tune on all the phones I have used for the past 10 years.

  • Note9 User

Play it again Sam!, only this time remove some of the piano keys to truly reflect your removal of features.
Samsung stop shooting yourself in your feetures, lol.

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2021Finally! After removing QHD screen, headphone jack, SD card... moreHaha and an awful one at that!

  • Dmx

What luck that happened to me for IOS hahahaha not to see how Samsung falls

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2021keep yapping everywhere you go go up to people's ... more

  • Anonymous

notafanboy, 05 Jan 2021Why don't they post some 1.1x zoom information? Oh wai... morekeep yapping everywhere you go

go up to people's faces and rant about how they were scammed or something lol