Dell announces new Latitude 9000, 7000 and 5000 laptops

06 January 2021
Improved for working and studying from home.

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  • Sampra

Instead of Intel I will prefer Ryzen Zen 3 architecture in the laptops.

  • DealHunter

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021Apple Dell Asus HP Lenovo. Others are useless brands.Acer, MSI, Razor?

  • Russel

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021Dell need to make their own CPU. Huawei is on it. Microsoft... moreMacOS is fine with M1 because it's Apple and they are optimizing their OS to the limits with their own chips.
Dell can't do the same with Windows. Google hasn't caught up with iOS in android space because they're not optimizing Android for their own ARM chips. They have to make it run on snapdragon, exynos, mediatec, kirin etc etc.
They're probably gonna give up on android like they did with Nexus, android tablets and now pixel (pixel 5 doesn't even have a flagship grade processor) and introduce Fuchsia.
Windows will have an even harder time dealing with this problem. And they have never really delivered when it comes to providing bug free solutions๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Russel

Dell and its devotion to intel......
It makes no sense not to offer superior chips from amd with similar configurations they provide with intel's hot, less secure, less powerful and now much less attractive processors. With Renoir amd undoubtedly overtook intel in all departments, even battery power (except in idle conditions). And now with Cezanne, it should be even more obvious. They are now depending upon loyalists, ignorance of consumers and fanboys only. This should've been fine 2 years back. But now that Apple has ditched intel, they don't have the threshold 'vanity' advantage anymore.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021Apple Dell Asus HP Lenovo. Others are useless brands.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Apple Dell Asus HP Lenovo. Others are useless brands.

GSMArena is becoming NotebookCheck.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Better than Apple, Lenovo and Samsung.

  • NHK

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021Dell need to make their own CPU. Huawei is on it. Microsoft... moreBuilding and production of CPU are not easy to do, not impossible but difficult. overall Apple did it best with the M1 CPU with translation x86 to ARM. Huawei CPU is not really targeting Intel or AMD but towards Qualcomm. Microsoft CPU is based on the Qualcomm CPU although if Microsoft does make their own CPU might similar qualcomm but with some to major changes. this RnD which is can be a lot investment build good CPU which not many companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. might not want to do major invest if they can invest PC that use Intel or AMD CPU. basically in nutshell Microsoft, Apple, Huawie, maybe samsung (if they improve their own CPU) can build their own CPU with RnD while other companies like Dell may not focus in invest in their own since they can just buy form Intel and AMD to supply their PCs.

  • Anonymous

GSMarenaFan, 06 Jan 2021Great idea of an Automatic shutter! Other peers were only a... moreIโ€™m excited about this automatic shatter

  • Anonymous

Huge flop no amd option

I'll wait for the Latitude 7220 2-in-1 tablet. The Latitude 7200 series is, to me, the most complete Windows tablet on sale today.

Instead of that automatic crap that will cause problems , a plain old mechanical solution is much better tbh ... or just don't do crap infront of your laptop :D

  • Anonymous

Dell need to make their own CPU. Huawei is on it. Microsoft is thinking about it. Arm Windows 10 is now running fine on Mac M1. 64bit / 32bit x86 emulation for the legacy Windows 10 is working.

The industry is posed to turn soon. Then all these Intel machine will need to retire to be nothing more then bread toasters and hair dryers.

  • GSMarenaFan

Great idea of an Automatic shutter! Other peers were only able to include a manual shutter. Hats off to all the techies at Dell there...

Build quality, solidity, and ergonomics of Latitude line has gone for a toss. Latitude line has become too watered down and their design philosophy has been diluted to death by Dell

  • Anonymous

With the quality improvements and much lower costs these days why are they still offering FHD cameras as an upgrade? I'm certain most kids cameras have better sensors than a lot of laptops.

  • Anonymous

To hell with Intel with their dead and decaying X86 dinosaur technology.

MacBook Pro M1 is a better buy

If this "safe shutter" is not a physical cover over the lens, then why bother ?
If done with software, then how do you tell its realy working ?
I'll carry on sticking a bit of gaffer tape over the lens.


It is very good laptop